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May 1, 2021
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Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for ceiling speakers that will tonally match my current ML setup without breaking the bank. I'd like to stick to ML if possible but open to other suggestions. Currently I'm running a 5.1 Martin Logan system consisting of Sequel II's for the Mains, Cinema for the Center and Scripts for the surrounds. Recently upgraded from an Anthem MRX 300 to an Anthem MRX 720 that is being used as a preamp with an Anthem MCA 5 5ch amp 225x5. I have a small NEC AVA-505 3/5 ch amp which would have 4 channels at 40w/ch at 4 ohms that I was planning on using for the 4 Atmos in ceiling speakers. The basement room is about 38'x 14' with 7' ceilings, only the first 1/3 of the room is being used for the home theater the rest is open to a guest bedroom on the other end.

My initial thoughts are the Motion MC6-HT or the IC6-HT
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Jan 16, 2005
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Big Canoe, GA
With ceilings that low, I'd look at coax designs.

BTW, I run Coax Atmos overheads from JBL, the SCS8 with the specified 120-degree dispersion pattern, but they require 9 or 10' ceilings (as they hang down 1'). They are what you see in a commercial Dolby Cinema theater. they are well-matched once one runs the room corrector.