Any info on Acents with Odyssey amps?

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Good morning all...
I was wondering if anyone out there has had the experience of using Odyssey Stratos amps with ML Ascents. I was using a Pass Labs x250 that I unfortunatley had to sell to take care of some unexpected medical bills. I realize that the Odyssey and the Pass are in two totally different leagues, but from what I have been reading, the Odyssey amps have gotten some very good ink, and are hard to beat at thier price point. I would eventually like to replace my Pass someday, but until then I have the chance to purchase the Odyssey Stratos. I should also say that I am using Rogue 66 Magnum preamp, modded Shanling T-100, and Project Classic TT w/ Sumiko Blackbird cart. Power cables and speaker cables are from Frank at Signal, and interconnects are Cardas. Given that....does anyone think the Odyssey will fit in nicely?? Figured the best place would be to ask the experts.... :)
many thanks........Ross