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Mar 12, 2005
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Apple Valley, CA
I always thought that Dual Disc was the bastard child of the Hi-Rez war. It really wasn't that great of a Hi-Res format (mainly because it did not have to be high resolution audio at all) nor was it a great CD. It combined mediocrity from both the CD and DVD-A formats in shiny new packaging and labelled as hi-res. A great selling point even if it isn't entirely true.

Well here is another reason to hate it. The CD layer cannot be ripped. Yep. The record companys' strategy of making the consumer re-purchase product for each format is paying off. Of course this is a blatant violation of a consumer's fair use rights but that isn't stopping the record companies.

So I either spend $30 on a DVD audio ripper to rip the tracks that are rightfully mine or spend another $15 dollars to re-purchase the CD of which there is no guarentee that I will be able to rip those tracks bit for bit. (see the Sony rootkit fiasco on the Internet)

You can bet that I am buying the ripper. I have a total of 4 Dual Discs and I want to be able to listen to them in lossless quality anywhere in the house at a touch of a button. So it is $30 vs. $60 (the price of re-purchasing the CD version).

Of course the next problem is that 2 are PCM encoded and the other 2 are MLP encoded, but that is another rant.

It just kills me that content providers are making it so hard on consumers all in the name of fighting piracy. Especially when what they are losing is peanuts compared to what real pirates are sticking them for. And not to mention that I am a law abidding consumer who just wants high quality audio and willing to purchase it but not willing to re-purchase it for every format that I need it in.

Why do I want to rip it if I am not said pirate? Well many reasons and they all boil down to convience.

1. No online music store sells lossless audio. I must have the highest quality possible. It must be lossless. Thus I must rip from a CD. So, the record company is getting paid.

2. I want to have my entire music library at a press of a button. I am tired of digging through my CDs looking for what I want when I want it. Also, having a search function is just awesome.

3. My CDs collection is taking up too much space and cluttering up the place.

4. My wife and kids do not treat CDs with the love and care that they warrent. I am tired of finding them lying unprotected on counters, tables, and even floors. Twin toddlers don't help either.

5. I want to stream my music anywhere in the house at the touch of a button. I especially want to stream my music to my beloved SL3's without having to shuffle discs and cases around.

6. I want my music to be portable as well. It seems that my car is jammed with CDs in every conceiveble slot, pouch, and compartment. I can download hundreds of songs to a portable player and not have to deal with CD clutter.

7. If I have an Internet connection I can listen to my music anywhere I go from my music server.

8. All this can be done without sacrificing audio quality! (Of course I do not expect everyone to agree on this one since there ARE audiophiles in the house.)

Yes this family can benefit from better organizational skills but that is beside the point. I won't be buying Dual Discs anymore.