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I have Ascent i for LR, Theater i for Center. and a couple very good MK's for surround. While my Pioneer Elite 47 was good enough to drive my previous Aeons, it often shuts itself off during a loud scene from a film with my Ascents. I've talked myself out of a Denon 5805 to drive the whole system, and I'm leaning towards B&K Ref 200.7 (200 W per channel into 8 ohms, 375W into 4 ohms) and B&K Ref 50 for pre/pro. Magnolia stores sometimes uses the B&K in their showroom with Ascents. Are there Logan users out there who are happy with B&K (about $4500 for the two, nearly new)? For the $4000+, are there other amps,preamps I should be considering?


I was running an AVR507 for my 4 ML surrounds and as a pre to a B&K 3220 for my Aeon i's and Theater i. I dumped them both. I don't believe they do the Logans justice. I think you need to go to another level above B&K gear. Granted my Aeoni and Theateri are now gone. However, my Butler 5150 just came this week and is now running my Frescos and Scriptis as 2 sets of stereo speakers--side and back. What a difference compared to B&K. Movie dialog is so much clearer now and I'm not even running a center at the moment. My wife even said, "What a difference...that is so much better sounding. I can tell a difference already" I really thought music listening was the biggest disappointment. Do you have to buy new?


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Nov 25, 2005
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For the $$$ your looking to spend, yes the "new" B&K gear would be a huge improvement over your meager receiver, but I think those same dollars would get you better gear in the used market as well, ie......Audiogon, etc.

BTW, I recently auditioned the new NAD home theater amp / pre-amp and felt it represent very good value to performance ratio.