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Dec 25, 2005
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Thought I leave some listening feedback to add to our forum knowledge base of "personal experiences". I am in no way an "audiophile", more an amateur in the High-end audio space.

Speakers: ML Odyssey
CD: Marantz CD6000SE
DAC: Benchmark DAC

I have so far matched the ML Odyssey speakers to the following power amps:

1) Musical Fidelity F15: the classic legendary power amp that heats up hot

2) AYRE V-5X: the very reputable transparent, bass-only-when-it-is-suppose-to-be-there power amp

3) Odyssey Stratos Plus: the very well reviewed A/AB giant SS amp that has received numerous private accolades for price and quality

My summary
So far, I have found that while using the MF-F15, for such an old model, it was still able to produce details, private bass feel, staging and would really do if one if not anal or perfectionalistic with it. It was at times however, not tight. Musicality was good, you could experience "feelings" with the pieces you listen.

When I heard the AYRE, I was awed by how clean it was. The ML Odysseys has a Bass control at the back that allows flat or -3db selection. With the F15, there were times when I had to cut to -3db as there was in my opinion excess bass that was voice-clouding. With the AYRE, I did not have to touch the setting at all, it was musical, clean, good soundstage, bass could be stereotyped to say it was not as strong but it may be more fair to say "bass-only-when-it-is-suppose-to-be-there" as per what the salemen call it.

Finally when I pair the speakers to the Odyssey amps, it felt feeling-less. I can almost feel a monotonous muscle strength that was not musical and just flat. To be fiar, sound was clean, there were details, image was clean, I can't find any serious fault or complain about whichever aspect of it but it was simply un-inspiring.

F-15 is essentially a tube amp. Ayre is a SS amp but many have claimed that it is tube-like and very listenable for hours. Odyssey is, like a poor-man's Krell, SS, A/AB.

If any ML owners has experiences with these amps or similar, do pos and share. Being new, there's lot for me to learn from your sharing.
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