Aerius vs Montage? Receiver vs Components? What do I need, help please!

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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Seporates with Electrostatics...


IMHO, I would recommend using your Onkyo reciever, as a processor for now... IMHO, I think you should purchase Aerius i's with a good power amplifier like; Anthem Statement A5 or P5, Cary Audio Cinema X, Sim Audio Moon Aurora. You can try for deals on Audiogon, with patience you could pick-up a deal. IMHO, later you could add to your system i. e., up-graded the processor with something like; Anthem D1 or D2. Then later after that add a tubed preamp. What kind of interconnects and speaker cabling do you have currently? What percentage do you listen HT an Music? What is your HT room like? What are the dimentions of your room?

Remember to, 'trust your ears' :D Also, try to audition prespective equipment at home first. Patience is a big key, to building a quality ML system... :D


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