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May 10, 2022
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I replaced my old Pinnacle speakers about two years ago with Martin Logan Motions except for two SVS Elevation Speakers that I was using as my front height speakers. I was running a 5.2.4 setup and I really wasn't getting the overhead ATMOS effect I wanted. I did have a pair of Martin Logan 15i as the rear height which I should have moved to the front, but I already had the SVS mounted and just left them when I upgraded. Recently, I started thinking that I probably should have all my speakers match so luckily I found a pair of new Martin Logan 15i about 30 minutes from my house at a discounted price.

When I started setting them up I thought why didn't I go with a 7.2.4 system as I have plenty of space so there I went. I moved the SVS Elevation to my rear heights and the Motion 15i's to the Rear surrounds and Front Heights. Of course I noticed a positive difference right away as the overhead soundstage sounds much better now, but I am back to the issue I had at the beginning. I'm debating either replacing the SVS Elevations with another pair of 15i's or maybe get a pair of the 35i and move them to the rear surround.

Martin Logan 60XTI (Fronts)
Martin Logan 50XTI (Center)
Martin Logan FX-2 (Side Surrounds)
Martin Logan 15i (Rear Surrounds and Front Height)
SVS Elevation (Rear Height)
Dual PSA TV3612 (Subs)
Denon 4300H
Monolith 11 Channel Amplifier
Room New.jpg