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  1. Ronin

    DAC Do or Don't?

    I have always kept with the manta of "do no harm" with cables vs "how good can it get".... I find , for me anyway, once I hit a reasonable level of decent cable, you can switch out $10K cables all day and I can't hear it. I settled on Kimber for almost all my cables. The only real $$$ I spent...
  2. Ronin

    I did a thing..

    I think as much as most of us like to swap and try different set ups, once you get a great power amp, it can be the anchor of your system. And yes, power is a major factor in the set up if I have MLs ( I have the CLSII z panels). After you get the amp you like you can play all day with DACs and...
  3. Ronin

    Anyone with recent Lampizator experience?

    I have had a couple of Lampi's. Amber ans Baltic. It was a while back but no complaints at all. Definetly a niche company but I was able to email with question and got responses next day- from the owner I belive. Very good sound. I would call it "smooth detail". I used it at the time with a...
  4. Ronin

    Age old question from a newcomer!

    You are going to get a million suggestions but really the only way to tell how anything will team up with your speakers is in your house with your own ears. There are so many good pieces out there- but perhaps some members have your speakers and have tried a few different amps. I have CLSIIz...
  5. Ronin

    British Invasion (with help from Ford)

    A nice GT can be a satisfying drive, not every outing is a race, sometimes simply enjoying the journey is the reward. I agree whole heartily on the GT and Ford aspects. And nothing is expensive to fix.
  6. Ronin

    Obsessive hobbies....

    Agree with Brandon. Although the Sim setup above looks awesome and no doubt is a ton of fun, it looks like it costs about what a Miata would and regardless there is no sim in the world that comes close in replicating a nice drive in my GT500 (or a Z06). Much less on a track. But maybe that is...
  7. Ronin

    Go from ReQuest to what?

    Not sure if this will help you but here goes. I had ReQuests and they were brilliant. I did not like the "modern" MLs and grabbed a pair of CLSii with new CLSiiz panels. These sound excellent and I don't miss the Requests (or any speaker really) at this point and that is coming from Wilson...
  8. Ronin

    Obsessive hobbies....

    Agreed. I have since moved on to other track types and always will have a spot for Vette and Mustang
  9. Ronin

    ML uses inadequate power cables?

    I have a dedicated 20a as well and multiple amp companies have told me to use the 20a wall- do NOT use a re-gen or similar. I agree 100% with your statement about possible restriction in regards to amps etc with re-gens. I have owned a few but none at this time. My most successful application...
  10. Ronin

    A little big Help

    If you have not already, try taking the PSA Re-Gen out of the system completely (or at least for speakers and amp) ,then try your volume test.
  11. Ronin

    ML uses inadequate power cables?

    My thoughts (per my experience) on this are simple and directed at use case. I have a pretty nice power cable for my amp and few others for my sources such as DAC etc. While I have in the past paid a pretty penny for power re-generators and Niagara products, they did not seem to really improve...
  12. Ronin

    Cable choices with your Martin Logans.

    When I first got my CLXIIz panels I had Beldon Iconoclast SPTPC speaker cables. In my system this proved to be a bit bright. I have switched to Kimber Monocle XL and have been very pleased. I do have a AQ Thunder power cable for my amp direct from a dedicated 20a circuit. All other boxes...
  13. Ronin

    ESL finer positioning & placement

    I'm getting great sound but one always wonders- could I tweak it better?. I have a terrible room I think. It is essentially a "L" with the system on the long wall. So my speakers are 6ft apart and 3ft from the wall with a toe in very slight of maybe 5 degrees. I sit about 8 ft back. The...
  14. Ronin

    ML support for earlier products- Response

    Seems to me a lot of us like the ML "vintage" stuff like CLS, CLX etc. I have seen a few posts stating ML will discontinue support on some older models, so I asked ML. The below is the response I got. While it's not exactly detailed, my bet is if you ask them a specific support question i.e...
  15. Ronin

    Hello everyone!

    P.S. Is anyone officially associated with ML listening here? If so, could they please weigh in on discontinuing support for CLS's? Last I heard they would supply panels for any model. This is what ML sent me in regards to the above question: Hello Michael, That is not an official policy. We...
  16. Ronin

    Hello everyone!

    Hi Cap, Only you can decide if the midrange of newer models works as well for you. To me I preferred the full range panel of the CLS versions over other hybrids. Well put. I much prefer the CLS with subs over ANY hybrid I have heard. But then again, I can't say I have heard every model. But...
  17. Ronin

    Hello everyone!

    1. Watch the market- I got pretty lucky with CLS, they can't be the only pair out there worthy of consideration. 2. Call ML or drop them an email and verify what they will or may not be supporting. I certainly had no issues with comms on the CLS but I was not ordering panels etc. As far as the...
  18. Ronin

    Hello everyone!

    I have the CLSII with z panels. They really do sound good. I agree with above though, if you can, try your amp first. I'm not sure 100wpc from a tube amp will do it for ya but many others have more experience than I do. I have always figured it was current that mattered so maybe your amp...
  19. Ronin

    New ML Owner. CLS II's re-paneled and brought up to spec.

    My rocker switches are disconnected. The 2nd set of terminals are wired to a board with caps. My guess is original terminals are LF and now with the added board, the 2nd set is HF. Bi amp makes no sense and really I dont see a bi wire advantage either. And yes, TMR let me down here. The...