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  1. Ho Nguyen

    Sold VMPS RM40 Speakers - ATL

    These are truly incredible sounding speakers, and incorporate the FST ribbon tweeters, which were a huge upgrade over the spiral ribbons in the Series 1's. These speaker’s won the best of show award at CES in 2002! The cabinets are in very good condition, no blemishes on the motor boards, tops...
  2. Ho Nguyen

    Sold KEF R3 Meta - ATL

    Up for sale is a pair of KEF R3 Meta speakers in gloss black. These are truly reference level speakers. Highly reviewed by professionals and consumers. Incredibly good with a top end that hangs with the best. Couple that with reference level neutrality in the midrange, and bass authority that...
  3. Ho Nguyen

    Sold Audio-GD HE9 Preamp/Headphone amplifier - Atlanta - $1000

    The HE9 is an extremely powerful headphone amplifier and preamp. Performs brilliantly with planars, and dynamic headphones. Preamp function also sounds excellent to power amps for speakers. This is truly a Reference quality piece of gear. Gently used in a smoke free home Built in regenerative...
  4. Ho Nguyen

    Sold PS Audio Power Plant 300 - sold

    The PS Audio Power Plant P300 is designed to operate as a stand-alone power management device, or as part of a larger power management system. The P300 is capable of producing clean and safe power for a small 2 channel audio system or small home theater system. Next generation MultiWave...
  5. Ho Nguyen

    Sold Rel T9i Subwoofers - Atlanta - $700

    Type: Front-firing active driver, down-firing passive Active Driver Size & Material: 10 inch, 250 mm long-throw, FibreAlloy inverted aluminum dust cap, steel chassis, white cone Passive Radiator Size & Material: 10 inch, 250 mm long-throw, inverted aluminum dust cap, steel chassis, black cone...
  6. Ho Nguyen

    Sold Martin Logan ESL-X - Atlanta - $1700

    Absolutely pristine! Satin black ElectroMotion ESL-X speaker pair. Prefer local pick up but can ship at buyers expense. Buyers are welcome to hear these if you're in the Atlanta area. Phenomenal! If you've never heard an Electrostatic speaker you owe it to yourself to hear these! I've simply...
  7. Ho Nguyen

    ESl-X Woofers

    Are the ESL-X woofers in a dipole configuration and match the panels or bipole? thx
  8. Ho Nguyen

    Sound Diffusor

    I'm looking at doing some sound diffusion behind my ESL-X. I found these fake grass panel on Amazon that looking interesting. Amazon Link Anyone have any experience using these in a audio room? I've tried absorption panels and it takes away too much of the life of the speakers. So I'm...
  9. Ho Nguyen

    Sold Pi2AES w/ Raspberry Pi 3b+

    Items is sold thx
  10. Ho Nguyen

    Sold Pi2AES w/ Raspberry Pi 3b+

    Sorry $350.
  11. Ho Nguyen

    Sold Pi2AES w/ Raspberry Pi 3b+

    Pi2AES with Clear Case, Raspberry Pi 3B+, and Jameco Power Adapter. Works perfectly. From smoke and pet free home. Every interface imaginable. SPDIF via RCA/BNC/ AES-EBU, Toslink, USB and I2S. Compatible with Audrivana, Roon, Spotify, etc. Amazing sound improvement over just Raspberry Pi for...