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    DIY MLs?

    I have a pair of Vantages, you know the ones with an active woofer and a passive ESL element. I also have a Lyngdorf TDAI 3400 which can be set up to be an active 2-way system. So I am interested to see/hear if there is any sensible way in which the active bass amplifier can be made to work as...
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    Hello from the Whisky trail

    Just a quick update. I have updated the PWM amplifiers to the LC audio zap-pulse 800XE. This is still an extraordinarily good combination with the Martin Logans. It often happens that I promise myself that this is going to be the final stereo that I have. But this time I actually believe it...
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    Hello from the Whisky trail

    So, finally, I have put together the LC-Audio Zap-Pulse 2.2. There is a later 2.3 version and a "special edition" as well, but this is a bog-standard 2.2. I bought two modules second hand in Denmark for a ridiculously low price (500 DKK, roughly = $75). In addition, I have bought the LC-audio...
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    Hello from the Whisky trail

    Dear Roberto, not a problem at all. The thing that puzzles me, though is that the Radford MA50s are valve amplifiers and have an output transformer. In other words, some valve amps are not compatible with the M-Ls. And in the same way, the sound with the transistorized Meridians is very...
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    Hello from the Whisky trail

    Dear Roberto, I think you have misunderstood the way the Vantages work: First of all the electrostatic panels are not driven directly by the signal. The voltage of the signal is boosted to several kilovolts by being put through a transformer which together with the cross-over presents a complex...
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    Hello from the Whisky trail

    This is my first post to the list, so hello! I am a long-time Audiophile. By birth I am Danish but left Denmark to pursue an academic career abroad in 1985. Before I left Denmark I purchased a Radford STA15 which sparked a lifelong love of that brand and its products. I still have the STA15...
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    UK Servicing Center

    The UK distribution has just changed last week. ML is now represented by PMC