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  1. Lightloopy

    Tubes or Solid State

    The Cary is a respectable amp and should be up to the task of driving your Quest. Age is definitely a factor to consider re your panels and your tubes. Worn out tubes can sound wooly and lifeless. If your tubes are 10 yrs old then it might be time to retube. Sounds like a great...
  2. Lightloopy

    Tubes or Solid State

    Which Cary model are you using? It may be adequate but not up to the task of really showing what your Quest are capable of. Also, how old are your Quest panels? If >20 yrs, they may be on their way out too.
  3. Lightloopy

    Tubes or Solid State

    Sounds like you have your own answer right there. You were clearly satisfied with your capable tube amp for 10 yrs without the need to hunt for a replacement. Certain tube amps are definitely not meant to be paired with stats but others are more than capable and handle a stat just fine...
  4. Lightloopy

    Amp question Ss or tube?

    The Sanders is a highly respected amp and would hang on to that and explore high quality tube magic on your 15's. I love high power tube amps with my 11A's and use early series VTL MB 250 and now MB 450's. Other members have used CJ Classic 120's which are able to handle the stats. In my...
  5. Lightloopy

    Hello everyone from a new member in Sweden

    Welcome and agree with all the previous comments. I had SL3's and a JL Fathom 113 helped a whole lot. Integration is the challenge and ML subs may be easier in that regard. It will definitely take your rock to a new level but also help your overall picture in more nuanced ways.
  6. Lightloopy

    Koray Pars from Germany

  7. Lightloopy

    11As or 13As?

    I purchased my 11A's from Overture a few years ago. Took a long time to break in. If you are nearby you are welcome to take a listen. I use VTL MB 450's. I am not far from Overture. Will PM you.
  8. Lightloopy

    11As or 13As?

    I had SL3's for 20 yrs in my 16 x 26 foot room. Got 11's about 3 yrs ago and only because ML was having a 20% off sale - it was hard to justify new 13's ( especially after paying $3000 for the store demo SL3 in 1998). I am very happy with them. I am also in the camp that these need high...
  9. Lightloopy

    CLSII potential newer buyer

    Glad to hear you are enjoying them! Must sound great with the Dynamo's. Beautiful and unique speaker.
  10. Lightloopy

    Obsessive hobbies....

    Your Corvette looks amazing. Nothing beats driving a true sports car and honing your track skills. I wouldn't rule out air cooled 911's as you have the skills to put together a fine street/track car out of a late 70's, 80's, or even the 964. Unfortunately I sold a 1973 911 T Targa awhile...
  11. Lightloopy

    Brand new pair of Prodigies on eBay 😱

    My question is do panels deteriorate with time regardless of whether they are used or not?
  12. Lightloopy

    Another member appreciating Martin Logan parts support who thinks pricing is realistic. Read why.

    I agree also. Had SL3's for 20 yrs w/ 1 panel replacement ($600!). I listen to them at my friend's place and still always impressed ( especially driven w/ VTL MB 250's). The 11A follows in the same vein - a relative bargain since it includes the subs- and the reassurance that ML will...
  13. Lightloopy

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Picked this up at Goodwill today. In great condition. Wonderful recording and such a beautiful voice.
  14. Lightloopy

    Tube monoblock recommendations

    Interesting, I listen to the VTL MB450's in triode most of the time with that lucious, organic midrange but when nobody's home watch out. Flip to tetrode, put on Charlie or Chilliwack and let them rock.
  15. Lightloopy

    Tube monoblock recommendations

    I used VTL MB 250's Signature Triodes w/ SL3's for many years till the amps started having fits. I ended up with 11 A's and a Mcintosh MC1502 which has been great. I still missed the special sauce of the VTL's and got an early series VTL MB 450 and they are just amazing. My buddy...
  16. Lightloopy

    Panel rebuild guide?

    They were original panels with weak sound level in one side. Sorry- these would be local pick up only.
  17. Lightloopy

    Panel rebuild guide?

    I think there are probably a lot of old panels around mainly because it seems to somewhat involved depending on one's skills. When I was researching it , was beyond me and would require a significant time investment. I think it's a great idea and I have a pair of old CLS II panels if...
  18. Lightloopy

    New Member Checking In

    Wonderful speaker...give them lots of quality juice to make them sing! Had them 20 yrs till the 11's came along. Buddy enjoying them now...and they sound great
  19. Lightloopy

    New here, not (yet) an owner. Couple of questions, too.

    Agree with all comments. These already have serious issues and I agree with avoiding them. You have a lot of options for a newer speaker w/o issues.
  20. Lightloopy

    Hello from VA USA

    Welcome! I have 11A's also and very happy with them. Give them at least 3-4 months to settle in (if brand new) . My friend thought I made a horrible mistake when I first got them. They eventually shine!