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    New woofers for ReQuest

    Not sure about frame fitment but you may want to check out Dayton RSS 315hf.
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    Carver pm 1.5 for sl3s

    I used a Carver PM 1.5 for my CLSZ2 for years with good result. I substituted a Sunfire Signature which I did not like and ultimately replaced it with a Bryston. The Carver had a really balanced presentation not unlike the Bryston. The Sunfire was just too syrupy for me on either output choice...
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    For Sale CLS1 parts or both speakers

    OK to the deal …please advise per my email how you prefer payment and all…. [email protected]….thanks
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    For Sale CLS1 parts or both speakers

    As long as the pair of panels is good/ working well… I have a great friend that also had a pair of CLSZ2 like mine … he will help me with the install next time he’s in Florida. Please pursue the costs to ship. Thank you.
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    For Sale CLS1 parts or both speakers

    I am interested in the know working pair of panels to 34238…thanks
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    Wanted WTB CLSIIZ working speakers. Panels can be older or not working. Electronic boxes need to be working.

    Packing and shipping would be difficult for me due to age/ health issues…if any thoughts you can reach me at 941-925-9902.
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    CLS IIz V's CLX

    I always wondered what the CLSZ2 would sound like with the new perforations/ panels and Mylar...and maybe a little DSP thrown in?
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    30 year old ML Quest panels

    The Request is still one of their best. I have heard and like the newer Logans but there is something about taking the crossover frequency lower/ down further to the panels that provides a better experience in the room.
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    Neolith Purchase Order Has Been Placed

    The Brystons should do the trick.
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    System #472 (ReQuest)

    best looking logans made imho
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    Martin Logan ReQuest woofer??

    Sorry this is an old thread bit does anyone have the specs on these woofers? Thanks
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    System #462 (CLS ii)

    as a fellow CLS owner...impressive and clean
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    from sl3 to request: is really upgrade?

    Have listened to both on several occasions...Request has a better panel to the extent it covers more range as the crossover point is lower but the woofer IMO is behind the SL3 in bass quality and melding with the panel.
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    Montis or Ethos ?

    Generally a narrower panel will have better treble...but it has to trade off something in the lower midrange as a result.
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    Lifetime of panels?

    Just found out about this! I have CLSZ2 but it looks like Quads will replace these when the panels die.
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    New ML Ascent Owner & Scan-speak replacement woofer experiment

    Might be a good find for the SL-3/Sequel!
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    need help in picking a sub fast enough for my cls2z

    I have both a Depth i and an ACI Saturn with OAUDIO amp...the ACI is better...deeper and just as fast.. but probably going to sell both and get a Descent.
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    Summit X to CLX - is it worth it?

    I have heard both but never A/B and the integration is better with the electrostatic woofer..but the resolution from about 400hz is no different IMO.
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    Interesting find when pulling out my Summit back plates...

    There would be some big problems with the natural roll-off below the frequency set by the width of the panel if the panel was run full range...but I would certainly like to see if ML could lower the crossover frequency to less than 200hz.