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    Impression 11A in the house

    After 22 wonderful years with the SL3 I am settling in with the 11A. I have about 90 hrs on them. Breaking them in has been interesting. TTOCS review of his experience was helpful and right on. Thin sounding midrange w/ zingers at certain frequencies out of the box. Prodigious bass...
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    VTL MB-250 w/ SL3

    I have had the SL3 since 1998. Amplifiers were CJ MF2500, Classe CAM-350, and after being intrigued by tubes I took a shot in the dark buying used VTL MB 250's. That was 2007 and have been completely satisfied- until they went down in Jan. and deemed not worth repairing. I have tried...
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    Tube amp repair Philadelphia area

    I recently had to have my VTL MB 250 mono's and Premier 16 repaired and found Stephen Monte and Quest for Sound in Philadelphia. Great guy, prompt communication and had everything back in 3 weeks. He is also an audio dealer and has a most welcoming and congenial atmosphere there. I went through...
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    The Grays Ro Sham Bo

    The Grays Album Ro Sham Bo Sony 1994 Rock CD features Jon Brion,Jason Falkner,Dan McCarroll and Buddy Judge in a one time collaboration. Superbly crafted pop/rock, and well recorded. Band lasted one year and I was lucky enough to catch them at Dobb's in Philadelphia. These Are The Very...
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    Favorite Hidden Track?

    I recently found one and was wondering how many I've missed? Mine is Rebecca Pigeon "Behind the Velvet Curtain" after Manha. Any others??
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    System #349 (SL3)

    1. Bijan Sorouri 2.Wilmington,DE 3. SL3 4.Purchased 1998 5. No Mods 6. Associated Electronics Rega P25 Audio Research PH3 SE Theta Miles CDP Premier 16LS2 VTL MB 250 MIT Shotgun IC/speaker wires/Acoustic Zen PC Zoethicus rack ASC Studio Traps Music room designed with plans from Rives Audio...
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    SL3 Panels replaced

    I'm listening to my SL3's with replaced panels and am just amazed. I had purchased them as demo's in 1998. Over the past year or so I felt something was missing but couldn't quite put my finger on it. You all know the feeling..do I need a new CD player or maybe amps?? I attributed it to just me...
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    New Member,Long time ML fan

    Hello all, Great site. I have had SL3's since 1998 and was researching panel replacement. Over the past 2-3 yrs I just don't feel the magic I remember, shallower sounstage and lack of 3 dimensionality. I have attributed this to just getting older, playing in a band,etc. There is nothing overtly...