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    How to know what kind of circuit you might need to power your equipment?

    Thinking about what I might run into if I replace my subwoofer I have now with a more powerful one. I now have my home theater just set up in the family room. Right now I am using a ML Depth i. Just one. I also am running my Aragon dual channel amp (200 watts at 8 ohms each channel), my Marantz...
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    Crazy new Samsung Wall TV.

    https://www.anandtech.com/show/14934/samsungs-micro-led-wall-tvs-now-available-up-to-8k-up-to-292inches Look at the size and resolution. Impressive, and no projector to worry about. This has got to be expensive! For price you have to write the company. IW008R | Leave an inquiry | Samsung...
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    Room correction software, which is best?

    I'm only familiar with Audyssey, and fairly fond of it. I've run it on 3 sound systems in my home and impressed on how well it improved sound. I see there are at least two other systems out there. Dirac and ARC. Would like to hear opinions on the three. Ideally someone that has used all 3. What...
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    Showtime Anytime not streaming in 5.1

    Quite a few apps on my Amazon Firestick don't stream in dolby 5.1. Right now I'm finishing up Homeland on Showtime. Ive noticed AMC and the CW are the same way. Only comes through in 2 channels and my Marantz receiver upmixes it...
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    Question about Bi Amping

    Bear with me because im inexperienced, I have never bi amped before, but wondering about trying it now. Ive got a pair of Prodigies. Right now i am powering them with an Aragon 8008 fed off a pre-out from my Marantz SR8012. http://www.us.marantz.com:443/product/SR8012_M...
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    Home theater setup with architectural speaker behind the screen

    Got a couple of questions. In the next few years I plan on putting up a dedicated room to home theater and am considering using one of the screens that allows sound to pass through it so that the center channel speaker can be behind it to project the sound right from the screen. Has anyone here...
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    Observed something tonight that has me confused, concerning crossover point of front speakers

    Im running two Prodigy speakers as front mains on my Marantz receiver along with an Aaragon amp to power them. I am also using a depth i subwoofer. I set it up using Audyssey. Tonight I was messing around with the crossover point for the front speakers, Prodigys which are supposed to go down to...
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    Hello, just joined

    I posted two threads in the main forum, questions on my Prodigy and Depth i sub speakers. I really am impressed with Martin Logan speakers. Ive also got a theater center channel as well as 4 Motion IC speakers in the ceiling for Atmos. Running an Atmos setup with 11 channels. I am glad that I...
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    How do you know if your panels are going out?

    Ive got a pair of Prodigy speakers that I bought about 4 years ago or so, cant remember. From the serial # they appear to have been manufactured in July 2000. They sound fantastic to me, havent changed in sound since I bought them. The settings through Audessy on my Marantz are a bit weird...
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    Intermittent Problem With My Depth i subwoofer

    I bought a great Depth i sub back in 2012. It had a couple of minor problems when I first bought it and the dealer I purchased it at fixed those up for me. For awhile everything worked great. Then back around 2018 or so the sub would put out a weird static/crackling sound. It sounds like it is...