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    Room Size ? Esl 15a

    I’m just concerned about the sound. Some people saying I’m an idiot lol
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    Room Size ? Esl 15a

    Ok so my current listening room is 12x14. It currently has a pair of esl 9s. I was recently offered an amazing deal on a brand new pair of esl 15a speakers from a dealer. The deal was so good I couldn’t pass it up. Now my question is due to the size of my listening room did I make a big mistake...
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    Esl 15a paired with Roger Sanders Magtech ?

    Can the amp handle the 15a speakers well?
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    For Sale $3500 Roger Sanders Magtech 2 Channel Amp

    As for the transfer I’m not sure. Yes I’m the original owner and I have had it a few years with zero problems. I do know he said if I ever wanted to go to mono blocks he would take the amp back for a full credit.
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    For Sale Martin Logan Esl 9 $3500 local pick in the NJ area

    Thank you for the responses looking for 3500 for the pair
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    For Sale $3500 Roger Sanders Magtech 2 Channel Amp

    I will have more pictures up tomorrow amp is in perfect condition with all original materials. Item location is in NJ but I’m willing to ship for actual shipping cost. Please ask any and all questions
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    For Sale NAD M12 Preamp W/BluOS Module $1850 OBO

    Up for sale today is a used but in amazing condition NAD M12 preamplifier with bonus DD BluOS module. Item comes with original box and Remote Control Please buy with confidence. Item location New Jersey "Built for the future, the M12 is neither a typical DAC nor a typical preamplifier. In fact...
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    For Sale MartinLogan Renaissance ESL 15A Gloss Black

    very interested I just need to sell my esl 9s
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    For Sale Martin Logan Esl 9 $3500 local pick in the NJ area

    Thank you what should I ask for these ?
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    For Sale Martin Logan Esl 9 $3500 local pick in the NJ area

    I have a very gently used pair of esl 9s I’m looking to sell to upgrade. Anyone know what they would fetch. I hav ethe boxes and manuals . Both are cherry in color with zero cosmetic flaws. I’m located in NJ
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    DAC Help opinions please?
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    DAC Help

    sorry i didn't even see this reply. ok so i purchased the magtech and rogers preamp yesterday.i get a 30 day in home trial. i totally understand now what you mean about bang for your buck. If mqa isn't really necessary what preamp will give me the best bang? is it best to get a separate DAC or...
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    DAC Help

    I’m looking for information on purchasing a DAC for my home theater system. I’m going to be purchasing a preamp and a Magtech amp from Roger sanders in the near future. My main listening source will be a record player and streaming via tidal. What is a good DAC to purchase to get the stored...
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    Sanders Sound Systems

    I’m new to all this but I stumbled across this website.. Does anyone know much about them? Are they a good amp and preamp to build your ML system around?
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    What’s a good media rack for three components?

    What’s everyone using and what do you recommend?
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    Just purchased my first pair of ML ESL 9’s PLEASE HELP!!!

    Lets get together and talk audio lol. What do you guys use for component racks
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    “Spider” Rack from Finite Elemente?

    Looking into possibly purchasing the 3 shelf version for my components.. Anyone have one or any input?
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    Banana Plugs Vs Spade

    Thank you my friend all this audio information is very confusing for me. Once I understand how one thing works I find there are other things I don’t under stand. I don’t know where to begin lol
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    Banana Plugs Vs Spade

    Sorry I should have clarified.. what’s better for sound quality if any?