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    Making Vantage Sealed Box (Port Plug) Question

    Certainly looks like a TL. Here's what's on ML's website "Product Museum" for the Vantage: 8" (20.3cm) cast basket, high excursion, aluminum cone with extended throw drive assembly, non-resonance asymmetrical chamber format, bass reflex. I guess "non-resonance asymmetrical chamber format...
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    Hello from Seal Beach, CA.... New ESL13As on the way!...

    Hi Henryeng, Don't know if it will do you any good, but I have a (as in one) 2' x 4' x 6" Fat Mondo Trap by Realtraps that I don't think I'll ever use that you can have. It's not very attractive so it might need something to cover it up (it was behind my equipment rack). I'm in city of...
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    PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP

    I have a pair of PrimaLuna EVO 400 power amps driving Odysseys and am very happy with the sound and (to-date) reliability. I keep them in triode setting and they have plenty of juice.
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    Parasound Questions

    I had an A21 that powered Odysseys for years with no issues, hissing or otherwise. I have an A31 that drives a pair of Theos and a Motif X with the same lack of problems. Two things I can think of: 1) have you fiddled with the input levels at all to see if there are any changes? 2) years ago I...
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    Hello! 70 yo from Beaumont, CA

    Yikes, that's a hell of a system! Msimanyi, do you (or any other So Cal members) ever go to any LA/OC Audio Society events? They've had things at Scott Walker's in Anaheim, Upscale Audio in Walnut, Audeze in Santa Ana. If there's interest I can put out a notice when they next have an...
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    Hello! 70 yo from Beaumont, CA

    The Motif is the center. Due to room constraints I had to use something very small (but still good) for the rears and are using a pair of Miller & Kreisels that work well.
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    Hello! 70 yo from Beaumont, CA

    Howdy Prefab, from Orange CA. I too have Theos (and Motif X) in my 5.1 as well as Odysseys in my two-channel kit. Alas, I only have dozens of surround CDs, not hundreds.
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    A question for you

    It's very subjective, but I'd say yes. Most notable improvement was a more transparent sound, which I think are stats best attribute in the first place. The woofer stock caps really were cheap, so with the upgraded caps I haven't felt compelled to go electronic X-over for the woofers, as some...
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    A question for you

    I would also recommend new panels from ML. I have Odysseys in my main system with new panels (and Mundorf capacitors) and whenever it crosses my mind to replace them, I ask what am I going to get that's significantly better? My first MLs were 1990 Sequel IIs and over time I replaced the panels...
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    For Sale CLS IIs for Sale

    Hi Son, Take a look at this not too old article about the CLS II and their value. The panels you have photos of were made in 1990, so a buyer would likely want to get new ones from ML.
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    Why so many used ML electrostats listed for sale and less than a year old?

    Couldn't agree more. and look at this setup: Given how often I question my own sanity I'm loathe to weigh in on anyone else's, but.. As Dr. Phil might say, "What were you thinking?"
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    Guide for active crossover for Prodigy?

    Sorry, I'm currently traveling and will have to get back to you when I get home at the end of the month and check my notes from the project.
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    Guide for active crossover for Prodigy?

    I replaced all the caps in my Odysseys about 10 years ago and have not regretted doing so. There is a very detailed set of posts on this from a fellow who went by Spectral, and I mostly used the same parts he did, relatively cheap Mundorfs for the woofers and mid-level Mundorfs for the panels...
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    Looking for a amp, for ML Sequal II

    Used Canadian audio gear here:
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    Looking for a amp, for ML Sequal II

    I've had good luck with The Music Room in Colorado for used gear. They currently have a decent selection of integrated amps for $1K and under that should work well with Sequel IIs. If you could stretch your budget or trade in something for credit they have a Parasound Halo integrated for about...
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    ARC to be liquidated ??

    What might be at play here is the time-shifting of audio gear purchases three years ago when the pandemic set in. What I read was that sales took off when folks realized they were going to be housebound, but I'd think many of those purchases would have been made over the next several years of...
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    Wanted Wanted: ML Dust Covers for Summits, Montis, or Spires

    I second the recommendation for Digital Deck. I have covers for my Odysseys from them, perfect fit.
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    Prodigy Improvements and Upgrades

    I too have replaced stock Odyssey caps with Mundorfs about 10 years ago and have also written about it previously. Definitely improved transparency of an already transparent speaker.
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    Modifying the Odyssey crossover - my adventure

    Sorry, it wasn't Brandon with the supertweeters, rather R1200CL.