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    Equipment placement and cable differences

    I use very inexpensive interconnects and lower-end equipment to drive my Original Aerius's. On another forum which I subscribed to because of using older equipment, I happened to mention two of my current experiences and was criticised by a Moderator there for posting what he thought were...
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    Isolation cone in lieu of rear floor spike

    After owning my original Aerius speakers (manu. date 06/93) for quite a few years now, I finally came upon a resolution to my issues with stridency and soundstage depth. As it may be a placebo effect and disappear with time, I will update this post if/when that happens. I was experimenting with...
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    Good tech forum for CD player issues?

    Could someone kindly direct me to a good forum to assist in the resolution of a CD player problem? I have a fairly humble system whose only "claim to fame" are my "original" Aerius. I recently purchased a seldom-used Philips CDI220/57 player for the price of a McDonald's meal as it has a...