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    25% increase on Neolith Price

    Martin Logan increased the price for their Neolith Speakers from $80,000.00 to $100,000.00. Why?
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    Any DIRAC Experts/Users in Arizona?

    Does anybody use DIRAC Live room correction in Arizona?
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    Why some use Banana Plug for the Amp Side and Spade for the Speaker?

    Why some people use banana plugs for the Amp and spade for the speakers? Why not use either banana or spade for both sides? Is there an advantage to do it banana / spade compared to either banana or spade for the whole thing?
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    Summit X Bubinga Arrived

    We pulled the trigger and bought a pair of Summit X in Bubinga color for an unbelievable price. A TRUE BEAUTY.
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    Any experience with qol and ML speakers?

    Has anybody tried to use "qol" with ML speakers? http://www.bsgt.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/a_brief_description1.pdf http://www.bsgt.com/technology-information/about-qol/
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    Ocos (coaxial) Speaker Cable fron Dynaudio for ESL

    Have you ever auditioned Ocos cable on ESL? It seems to be almost the same as Sanders speaker cables (coaxial). Any experience with this cable on ESL?
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    Audyssey vs Audio Control Diva

    In your opinion, which one is superior, Audyssey or Diva?
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    Do you use Anti-Mode subwoofer calibrator with a Descent i or a Depth i?

    Hello, I'd like to use an Anti-Mode calibrator for my Descent i. I've the sub calibrated using an SPL and Some subwoofer test tones. The "Phase" is set at 270 and the 25Hz/50Hz levels have other settings. Should I set the "Phase", "25Hz" and "50Hz" to zero before I start the calibration or...
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    Has anybody auditioned Whise HA-1500?

    Here is the site for this ESL: http://www.reality-design.com.au/ Whise HA-1500 Forum: http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/showthread.php/13510-Whise-Ha-1500 It it $5000.00 a pair. Reality Design will attend CES 2012. Any thoughts on this?
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    100Hz crossover to Decsent i, what floor speaker/s is the best for music/movies?

    When I set my speakers to 100Hz cross over going to a Descent i, I wont use the speakers for lower than 100Hz. What floor speakers are the best in this situation? It seems like ML's new floor speakers (Montis, Summit X, ...) are great with low frequencies. But in my situation, since I wont be...
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    Electromotion FX2

    What's the power handling of Electromotion FX2 speaker? What's the minimum impedance of this speaker? It seems like the nominal is 5 Ohms. But The manual does not mention the minimum load of this speaker.
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    Parasnound JC1 or Sanders ESL Mono?

    Based on your experience and opinion, Which one is a better match for ESL speakers (Stage, Summit X or Ethos)? Parasound JC1 / A51 or Sanders ESL Mono? I don't have the opportunity to audition either one. The system will be mainly used for movies (5.1) which includes a pair of script i (surr)...
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    Anthem Statement P5 or Ayre 5 channels?

    For a pair of CLX (front) + Stage (Center) + Script i (Surround) What would you suggest, Anthem p5 or Ayre V-6xe 5 channel or Sunfire? Do you know of a better amp for that setup? The system will be used for movies only.
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    Need help with Descent i Connection

    I've a quesion regarding Descent i connection. My system is 5.1. all the speakers are set to small in the receiver (Denon 3808). I'm using an RCA connection between the receiver and the Descent i (using LFE In). I can also use a "Y" connector to connect the receiver to the sub through "Line...
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    Is it possible to upgrade the power cords for Stage and Script i?

    Stage and Script i use a 2.1mm DC power plug/jack. Is there anyway to upgrade the cables on those speakers? Your comments would be appreciated.
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    Jean Michel Jarre -Oxygene: Live In Your Living Room (ENHANCED)

    Artist: Jean Michel Jarre Title: Oxygene: Live In Your Living Room (ENHANCED) Year of Release: 2008 Record Label: Capitol ASIN: B00104COF4 Genre: Ambient / New Age 1. Prelude [Dolby Digital 5.1] 2. Oxygene, Pt. 1 [Dolby Digital 5.1] 3. Oxygene, Pt. 2 [Dolby Digital 5.1] 4. Oxygene, Pt. 3...
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    System #242 (Summit X, Stage, Script i)

    1. Member Name: Shahrokh Hafizi 2. Location: Tucson, AZ 3. ML Models: Front: Summit X Bubinga (Upgraded from Purity) Center: Stage Sub Woofer: Paradigm Seismic 110 (Upgraded from Descent i) Rear: Script i 4. Year Purchased: 2016 5. Mods/Changes: None Associated Electronics: TV:65" OLED65E6P...
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    Greetings to all

    Hi Everybody, I just joined the club and here is my setup: Front: Purity Center: Stage Sub: Decent i rear: Script i Receiver: Denon 3808 CI Speaker cables: L A T International TV: 65" Sharp (Aquos) As you can see, my wife and I are ML fanatics.