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    Impression 11A - Piano Black

    Hi All, Putting a feeler out for my excellent condition Impression 11A speakers in Piano Black + ARC Kit. We moved to a new house and the listening room is too small for the speakers. I am a huge Martin Logan fan so this is a major bummer, these are fantastic but are just too deep for the...
  2. Z

    Luxman 509x and Diablo 120

    I currently have 11As paired with a MC452. In my search for a good 2ch preamp decided to move to an integrated for now. Anyone have experience with the Luxman 509x or the Diablo 120? Thanks!
  3. Z

    Amp got Stage Center

    Hey guys! I am finally making the move to components vs. integrated pre/pro and need to find a low cost small mono amp for my Stage speaker. I am just running a L/C/R setup right now, and have a mc452 for L/R (for my Impressions). This is more of stop gap to get a 3-5 channel amp for a...
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    Blown 11A?

    Hi All, New to post, but been following MLO for a long time. Thanks everyone for the great insight! I just got a pair of Impression 11A's and was loving them. Today I was testing different interconnect cables, and was being very careful not to leave my amp on when switching the cables...