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    Cleaning Stators

    How do you know it's a stator problem and not a woofer problem? You say the rattle is at low frequencies, which are put out by the woofers. Since the feet are loose, maybe there is more than that wrong in the woofer compartment. I have had zero problems with my original Aerius: no issues...
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    Laser Printers....Thoughts ??

    I have only owned InkJet printers at home. During my career, at my work and my wife's, they of course used expensive lasers. I started with Epson Inkjet printers when I bought my first computer, a Pentium 60. (You can guess when that was ;-). I found that since I used cartridges infrequently...
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    New Ownership for Martin Logan

    The house is filled with bears. In fact my wife did a cull recently, as she felt we had just too many ;-) There are +24 in the family room still plus more scattered throughout the house. You have to move at least one bear if you want to sit down ;-) We have more in boxes in the garage ;-) The...
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    New Ownership for Martin Logan

    Thought I'd add my 2 cents worth. I feel it's mostly males who like to devote lots of time to equipment and setup. The women I've known over my lifetime (I'm 78) only want to hear whichever genre of music they prefer over anything that can reproduce sound, mono or stereo or surround. That always...
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    System #544 (ESL9)

    Hola Roberto, I agree that that is not the best spot for a turntable, but this room is not (and cannot) be set up properly for good 3D stereo. Everything is in a place where the boss (my wife) aggrees it can be placed (within reason, of course). At first, she didn't want the Aerius'...
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    System #544 (ESL9)

    as an aside, I have found that most of my electronics "sound better" after they have been powered on (and usually working) for about 20 minutes or so. Now, my electronics aren't "new". They were made in the late 1980s up to the end of the 1990s. They are NOT top line, just what I could afford at...
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    Martin Logan Shower Cleaning PDF

    Does anyone know why the old panels need washing by so many users? I would never be able to tell if they still sounded exactly the way they did 20 years ago. NO heavy dust and don't smoke, live in NW suburbs. Even my hearing has deteriorated. Have tinnitus hissing in my ears at about 10kHz...
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    Martin Logan Shower Cleaning PDF

    Not sure why you can't download it as it was easy for me ???
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    Equipment placement and cable differences

    I use very inexpensive interconnects and lower-end equipment to drive my Original Aerius's. On another forum which I subscribed to because of using older equipment, I happened to mention two of my current experiences and was criticised by a Moderator there for posting what he thought were...
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    Isolation cone in lieu of rear floor spike

    Glad that at least several owners have had similar experiences to mine. So either I'm still sane or we're all "hearing things" ;-) As long as no one starts calling us Coneheads...although now I guess I can't consider it an insult ;-)
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    Isolation cone in lieu of rear floor spike

    Hi George: Lucky you to be able to make those mods. Any I make have to be invisible to the casual visitor. ( low WAF ;-) However, so far so good with the cones. If I ever win a lottery I will do some serious electronics upgrades. Thanks for the tips...
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    Isolation cone in lieu of rear floor spike

    Thanks for the prompt response, Gordon. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to upgrade my system any more. The M-L's were the start and end of it while I was gainfully employed (prior to forced retirement). As they are front-ended by mid-fi equipment, which I never had the chance to upgrade, I...
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    Jump right up and show your age!!

    Age: 67 (can only hear up to +/- 12kHz) --- Well, I'm now 75 (hearing is about the same as before) but the CD player is now a Sony CDP-950 with a TDA1541 (the Philips is now in my garage system, which has Mission 760i's ). My original Aerius' (serial # AEEF208/209: June 1993) are still...
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    Isolation cone in lieu of rear floor spike

    After owning my original Aerius speakers (manu. date 06/93) for quite a few years now, I finally came upon a resolution to my issues with stridency and soundstage depth. As it may be a placebo effect and disappear with time, I will update this post if/when that happens. I was experimenting with...
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    Good tech forum for CD player issues?

    Could someone kindly direct me to a good forum to assist in the resolution of a CD player problem? I have a fairly humble system whose only "claim to fame" are my "original" Aerius. I recently purchased a seldom-used Philips CDI220/57 player for the price of a McDonald's meal as it has a...
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    Box alternative to Martin Logan.

    I have owned 2nd-hand Original Aerius' since the late 90's and they continue to work just fine, even with mediocre front-end equipment. I always meant to upgrade these electronics but the $$$ were never there. Now I'm retired and it may never be :( However, that has not stopped me from...