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    Using Regenerated 125V vs typical household line

    Have a pair of CLX Art but question may be applicable to all electrostatic speakers (design permitting). Just read in article on PS Audio AC regenerators wherein it was recommended to operate speakers with 125V supply versus whatever is coming out of wall. It WAS suggested that speaker...
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    CLX Art Impedance Curve

    I have seen the rather low resolution graph of CLX Art impedance from the HiFi review article some time ago. Is there a more precise graph available? Happy New Year to all those who traffic this website!
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    CLX ART Impedance Curve

    Interested in obtaining an impedance curve for the CLX ART speakers. Anyone have one to share or know of an online source where one can be had? Thanks in advance.
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    System #394 (Monolith III)

    Name: Frank Zawacki Location: Newington, CT, USA Room: Approx 12' x 18'; damped with upholstered furniture, drapes , carpeting, etc.; M-L Model: Monolith III Purchased: 1989 (Pre-owned) Electronics: * Esoteric UX-3 Universal Player; *Art Audio / David Gill "Alana" Tube Preamp...
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    Hi There.

    I'm new. Just testing to see if I can post. Thanks.