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  1. Craig

    How about a Zoom session to commemorate the new site and 13th anniversary of our visit to ML in Lawrence, KS?

    Sorry guys and gals. I've been out of touch for a few years but it's good to be back and especially to rejoin with my fellow ML users. I'm still using my Summits with a pair of Electrocompaniet Nemo amps (600w each) along with a center and rear ML electrostatics. I've been tempted at times to...
  2. Craig

    HELP!!! Summits not playing... I don't want expensive paperweights!

    If it turns out you need to replace the power supplies and want to to do the job yourself, here is the link to some instructions and photos on how to do it. I found that it's not too difficult and much easier than shipping speakers. Alos, ML usually include instructions when they send the new...
  3. Craig

    Vinyl's "Home Office"

    Yeah, that was a great trip. By the way, that guy in the photo looks very familiar!
  4. Craig

    Radiohead's new album "The King of Limbs" comes out Saturday...

    Where is this available from? I checked Amazon and it's available there for pre-order with a release date of 29 March.
  5. Craig

    Service Notice for Discontinued Products

    I lost interest when they packed up and moved out of town and I have no reason to make excuses for ML. I'd like to see an aftermarket business start up that makes replacement panels. Some of the electronic components can be hard to find, especially the circuit boards used in the modern...
  6. Craig

    Service Notice for Discontinued Products

    Most companies do not have the resources nor the third party parts suppliers to support legacy models. It cost resources to build and maintain current models not to mention R&D, new production, stocking replacement parts, retooling for new production, warehousing costs, staffing, etc. Etc...
  7. Craig

    So who has the strangest listening chair?

    Do you think this chair was designed in 1977?
  8. Craig

    Whew! Thought I blew up my speakers or amp.

    You might want to consider turning off the automatic software update function and just download software updates manually on a regular basis at the time you want rather than letting Apple decide for you. Apple sends out updates very frequently and to the point that I find it a little annoying...
  9. Craig

    The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

    I haven't heard of the Wadia 721. Do you mean the 781ior the S7i ? I can personally vouch that the 781 is a fine machine. Especially, when plugged directly into the amp. Martin Logan's powered by Krell mono amps are going to be very revealing of the source. I think a Wadia will be up to the...
  10. Craig

    In-store CD Burning

    You're right...I was way off. 1994 must have been a re-release date. I was in the used CD, Vinyl, etc store today and there must have been about 25 people in there shopping. The used music media business seems to be doing well.
  11. Craig

    In-store CD Burning

    I hear both of you. The days of large CD selections in a real store seem to be long gone. But the used CD stores are "still alive and well" (Johnny Winter, 1994). That's where I go to find reasonably priced non-mainstream music and physical media and on occasion I come across a hard to find...
  12. Craig

    CLS II vs IIz

    I believe that is the circled "TradeMark" (TM) logo and not an "a".
  13. Craig


    Didn't Dan also design for other companies besides Krell? Or are those merely copies or implementations of his design, particularly speakers? I don't know I'm just asking since I've seen his name used by other brands such as Usher.
  14. Craig

    audio advisor

    There are no upper level ML brick and mortar stores for least 200+ miles. And I don't live in a small town. 2 years ago there were 5 of them.
  15. Craig

    Buying used hi-end audio gear

    It discourages resale value which also as the tendency to reduce the value of new product. I wonder how the "Great American Speaker Company" slogan is still working for them on their sponsored Audiogon website ad? True warranties are rare these days. It's really insurance they sale on...
  16. Craig

    clean diaphram on Martin Logan Aeon?

    Your panels very likely may need replacing but here are a few things to consider regarding the troubleshooting. 1. Did you test using a Pink Noise source? It's a full spectrum signal and best to use when testing speaker output. 2. Did you measure the voltage coming out of the amps to make...
  17. Craig

    Why do ML panels die?

    My pair of CLSIIz's were nearly 25 years old when I replaced the panels and they weren't all that bad but the new ones were better and worth the upgrade. That is a very good lifespan and probably better than most cone speakers. They have improved the conductive coating since the earlier models...
  18. Craig

    Why do ML panels die?

    Environmental conditions seem to be a contributing factor to panel failure. I.E. direct sunlight or chemicals, Windex, cleaners, ammonia fumes, solvent fumes and other cleaning liquids or sprays will damage panels. Other indoor pollutants can coat the panels and weaken them. Some common...
  19. Craig

    iPad is here!

    A large iPod Touch is exactly what the iPad is. If you don't need a hard drive, processing power, multitasking, full featured software, a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive, removable battery, various ports, the extra weight, bulk, complexity, increased cost of a laptop then the iPad is for you. If you only...
  20. Craig

    Whats happening to this Forum???

    Jungle Jack makes a good point and a very good suggestion about the forum topic categories expanding a little bit to differentiate between ESL, ATF and conventional ML models. I think that would be a useful enhancement to this forum and is inline with ML speaker evolution. You should recommend...