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  1. kach22i

    Showdown; Direct Drive verses Belt Drive - two oldies go at it

    Showdown; Direct Drive verses Belt Drive - two oldies go at it Technics SL-3200 direct drive verses Dual CS 503-1 belt drive Technics SL-3200 direct drive TT (non-quartz) with Grado F-1+ Old Thread with pictures: http://www.whatsbestforum.com/showthread.php?8027-Technics-SL-3200 Felt mat...
  2. kach22i

    DIY Turntable Rack - Maple Butcher Block + Aluminum I-Beams

    The process I went through is documented here: http://www.whatsbestforum.com/showthread.php?8643-DIY-Turntable-Rack And some more here: http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?t=481004 The final product: http://s184.beta.photobucket.com/user/kach22i/library/DIY%20Audio%20Rack%202012
  3. kach22i

    Fireplace acoustic absorber for enhancement of the center stage

    Fireplace acoustic absorber for enhancement of the center stage Project: Building a center stage acoustic absorber which will be placed above the fireplace and below mantel. The concept is to allow sound waves in, have them bounce around a while in the cavity and dissipate energy. I placed...
  4. kach22i

    New all Mac room in SE Michigan 11-30-12 Grand Opening

    New all Mac room in SE Michigan 11-30-12 Grand Opening A local Hi-End store recently reconfigured some of their space to form a new listening room. It could be an all McIntosh room, well at least for two days, 11-30-12 and 12-01-12. If you are in Michigan it may be worth your time to call...
  5. kach22i

    AK-Fest 2012 April 28-29 in Novi, Michigan

    FYI: AK-Fest (Audio Karma) 2012 April 28-29 in Novi, Michigan http://akfest.com/ I might go just to meet the guy who is going to repair my tube amp a head of time. I'm pretty sure it's the same guy I've met before and been swapping e-mail with but want to make sure. Anybody else going?
  6. kach22i

    Anger Quiz

    Anger Quiz http://s.wsj.net/public/resources/documents/anger-quiz-10-03.html I got a 31, but to be honest in the back of my head I wanted a low score. Getting a high score would just make me so ANGRY! :D If about five of those things in the questions happened to me in the same day, I'd be...
  7. kach22i

    New listening position

    No, not on my head. Not my head up my arse either.:D Laptop on my lap, feet up on a foot stool and being careful not to put my knee under the cooling vents. So who else is doing this?
  8. kach22i


    Has anyone used something similar? What is the Wife Acceptance Factor rating? Acoustishade http://www.hometheaterdesignmag.com/100709stewart/
  9. kach22i

    How many TV's does one need?

    How many TV's does one need, in a single room? At first I say WTF, but then some envy sets in.:D http://www.hometheaterdesignmag.com/021210den/
  10. kach22i

    Bass trap tubes - need help & ideas

    Bass trap tubes - need help & ideas The Situation I have a problem with bass, not a bad one, lived with it for years, but I want to do something about it. The right speaker is in the middle of the room, the left in the corner. Stick my head in the left corner and it's bass rich, like my head is...
  11. kach22i

    Tube Review Tung-Sol EL34

    Tube Report 12/02/2009 by kach22i Tung-Sol EL-34 valves/tubes (matched pairs); Package; 2x driver tubes + 8x power tubes and single 6SL7input tube Vendor: thetubestore.com System description: Turntable: Dual CS 503-1 modified plus Cardas Neutral Reference interconnect Cartridge: Grado Sonada...
  12. kach22i

    Turntable Mods - Bolt on - Add on

    Simple turntable modifications done so far to an old belt drive Dual plastic body model. 1. Replace the belt with new original stock replacement 2. Hot wire RCA jacks out the back for lead wire upgrade 3. Sorbogel mat by Audioquest 4. Duct Seal (like clay, stays soft) on underside of...
  13. kach22i

    Computer Tips 101

    Computer Tips 101 I was sitting in a free class at the local community college last week when one of the students shouted from the back row to the instructor that she could increase the size of the text display (which no one could read) on the computer projection on the board if she pressed the...
  14. kach22i

    Sacrilege, can hear the dog bark - added tweeter

    Somehow conventional wisdom says it's okay to add a subwoofer to your Martin Logan's but not a tweeter/supertweeter. Well I don't care because I can hear the dog moan, sigh, lick his chops and bark in Holly Cole's song "Temptation" (on CD). I can hear all the change being thrown, cymbals and...
  15. kach22i

    What's under your TT affects sound?

    What's under your TT affects sound..........any debate? Last week I was in Overture Audio in Ann Arbor only to find they don't carry Gallo anymore (sorry to who ever was looking at Gallo). However I had a chance to look at their Quadraspire wall mounted TT shelves. The salesperson said of the...
  16. kach22i

    Cleaning an Audioquest SorboGel record mat

    Cleaning an Audioquest SorboGel record mat. How would one clean a sticky and dirty seven year old Audioquest SorboGel record mat? Some dust has gotten by the dust cover over the years. Product info link (mine is blue): http://www.elusivedisc.com/prodinfo.asp?number=AQ-MAT The material is...
  17. kach22i

    The TT belt - how important?

    I was talking to a guy in Ann Arbor who runs a repair shop (Harv's). He said that getting the authorized and correct belt for your TT is important because cheap knock-offs vary in thickness, size and may have burrs, seams or other imperfections on them. Harv gave me the number for South Street...
  18. kach22i

    One Subwoofer - Two systems

    One Subwoofer - Two systems I have my 2-channel main system and separate Home Theater in the same room. I have one dual coil subwoofer. The subwoofer has one pair of RCA interconnect inputs and a bunch of speaker wire clip connections available. I had; The sub hooked up to the HT processor...
  19. kach22i

    My TT gained eight pounds today

    It took a crow bar plus a pry bar to lift the platter off the sub-platter. About ten years ago I joined them with Blu-Tack. Don't ever do this, yes a sonic improvement but a bit tough on the bearing when you go to change the belt out. It was a little empty looking in there and the plastic...
  20. kach22i

    Anti-Skating it is important

    If you suddenly find your turntable ultra sensitive to footfalls and skipping around for no reason check your anti-skating setting. I think that the last time I removed my dust cover or dusted my table that I accidentally moved the rotary anti-skating disc dial surrounding my tonearm base. I...