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    my new ESL X's

    Hello all, I received my new ESL X's about a month ago and I am still in the process of breaking them in. I have since then upgraded the power supplies to the new ifi's Power X's, I have installed two pair (biwire) with Wireworlds Equinox 8 speaker wires, and I am waiting on new spike feet for...

    New ESL X’s

    Hello, I just got my ESL X’s and I would like to know what tips I can do to improve on them. I was thinking spikes for the feet, bi wiring for the speaker wire and I did install a new ifi power X 15 vdc power supply’s. Any tips would be great thank you, Jim

    Ipower x for self x speakers

    Hello I would like to know if anyone has used ifi power for there speakers thank you I understand they are 15 vdc

    Room treatment

    Hello I have just completed a 12x16x8 foot room for a dedicated 2 channel audio room. I am looking to get either ESL X’s or the 9’s for this room. There are VTL tube amps for power, and both analog and digital sources. I would like to know what and where to apply some acoustic treatment for the...

    room size

    Hello, I am fairly new on here and I am looking to have built a tuff shed into an audio room at 200 square feet due to county codes. I can either go 10 feet by 20 feet or 12 feet by 16 feet. I like the length of the first dimension but I like the width of the second dimension, any thoughts. I...