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    System #481 (CLS iiZ)

    Name: Dick Geeslin Location: Austin, TX USA ML Model: CLS iiZ Purchased: 1994 Associated equipment: ARC D200 & SP16 Linn Karik & Numeric CD Player TEAC 6010 GSL SAE Digital FM Tuner Kinergetics K200 Amp and SQ100 Woofers Koss ESP.9 Electrostatic Stereophones Panamax MAX 5500 AC Regenerator...
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    new 2 channel amp & crossover

    Hi All: I bought my system in 94 and since the CLS don't go much below 80 Hz, the dealer suggested Kinergetics amp & crossover to get to the deep end of the pool. Today something is amiss. It's shy of producing serious bass and clean highs. Do any of you have experience with new...