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  1. Craig

    Computer Audio Reviewing Challenges

    The TAS issue #198 is now hitting the shelves. Not nearly as many Audio "How-To" articles as their last issue but they did have an in depth article on Computer Audio. I got the impression from their article that they really over emphasize the point that Computer Audio is very complex and...
  2. Craig

    Recommended - The Absolute Sound #197

    Most audio magazines are mainly reviews of the latest component of the month or the next best thing. I enjoy reading reviews of audio gear including the exotic pieces that cost more than the average car. However, this months issue #197 of The Absolute Sound goes way beyond just publishing the...
  3. Craig

    Coolest Horn Design

    This has to be one the coolest horn designs I've ever seen. Just thought this was an interesting looking speaker. I'm curious to hear how it sounds. The wife says it looks like an inner ear canal.
  4. Craig

    What Happened to Audiogon???

    Their website isn't coming up and appears to have been replaced with some sort of domain name kidnapper. Anyone else able to access the site?
  5. Craig

    Audio places in Brussels ???

    I'll be visiting Brussels Belgium soon and would like to visit a Martin Logan dealer and/or, a high-end audio store while I'm there. Does anyone happen to know of any audiophile places to visit in Brussels? Is that also a good area to shop for tubes? I appreciate any recommendations. Craig
  6. Craig

    Are Purity/Source names Bass-Ackwards?

    Why did the ML name the internally amplified speaker that can run directly from a source the "Purity" and the model that needs an amp/preamp between speaker and source the "Source"??? Wouldn't it make more sense to name the speaker that can run directly from a source the "Source"?
  7. Craig

    2009 CES Photos

    Here is a thread for sharing photos from the 2009 CES. I mostly attended the High Performance Audio section at the Venetian. Although, the attendance was estimated to be down by around 30% it was still a very sizable show and there was some remarkable equipment to be seen and heard. I have...
  8. Craig

    Singing Christmas Tree

    To make room for the Christmas tree meant also taking down the CLSIIz setup for a little while. This was also a good time to send in the CLS power supply boxes to ML to have them checked out so off they went. Not wanting to be without music through the Christmas season I found a little room...
  9. Craig

    2009 CES Anyone???

    Karin and I will be attending CES coming up next month? Anyone else going who'd like to meet up for dinner or at the Martin Logan booth? I'm hoping to see and hear the CLX, Summit X or what ever else ML chooses to haul to the show. Any recommendations on exhibitors new products we should...
  10. Craig

    New CLS Panel Observations

    I talked with Jim Powers today and decided to go ahead and order some new panels for my CLSIIz's. These speakers are celebrating their 25th Anniversary but still sounded pretty. I have heard some kazooing on certain tracks but not consistently. Otherwise, they sound OK. However, I have no...
  11. Craig

    Sony SACD product line still alive and well

    Apparently, Sony is releasing a new SACD player in their high-end ES product line. It looks like one of their better models with XLR and HDMI outputs. I'm not sure if it is a dedicated 2 channel player. It has 1 pair of 2 channel RCA out and 1 pair of Balanced outputs. However, it also has...
  12. Craig

    Looking for a Clearaudio Champion Level II turntable

    Does anyone happen to know of a US dealer that carries the Clearaudio Champion Level II turntable? There are some online audio stores that carry the Clearaudio line but I haven't found one that shows they have this particular model. Anyone at the RMAF come across a Clearaudio dealer? If so...
  13. Craig

    Slot Music - Another Competing Format?

    Apparently, "Slot Music" is supposed to be an up and coming format and is expected to compete with the CD format. It's basically MP3 music on an SD chip that you can buy at any retail location. Since it's an SD chip it can be used in any player that has an SD slot to include MP3 players...
  14. Craig

    A Fine Espresso Tube Amp

    But does the espresso it makes tastes as good as they sound?
  15. Craig

    Preparing CLS speakers for shipping

    I just a received a pair of Walnut CLSIIz that were shipping from California to Florida via freight shipping and they arrived unscathed. In spite of all the handling and traveling that was necessary to get them here. A successful shipment has a lot to do with the packaging and preparation...
  16. Craig

    CLSIIz New Addition

    I stayed home all day on a Friday waiting for the delivery truck to arrive and looking out the front door every 30 minutes. At 4:00 PM still no sight of a truck so I called to shipping company to find out they only deliver by appointment and for sometime next week! Fortunately, they let me...
  17. Craig

    Recommendations for shipping larger speakers?

    After watching the market on CLS for a few months I finally grabbed a pair. Apparently, they don't come up for sale very often. The next big step is getting them safely shipped across the U.S.. They're a little too large for FedEx so I need to have them sent by freight service. The seller...
  18. Craig

    A/V Receiver or Pre/Pro for new Blu-Ray formats?

    I'm considering changing out my B&K Ref 50 Preamp Processor in my HT system so that I can take advantage of the current audio/video formats. My B&K pre/pro is nice piece but it seems to have fallen behind in technology and I'd like to upgrade from DVD to a Blu-Ray player. I haven't seen any...
  19. Craig

    High Rez Audio Blu-Ray Player Recommendation

    I'm in the market for a Blu-Ray player and would like to know if anyone can recommend a current model that plays the high-rez formats without requiring the Pre-Pro or Receiver to do the decoding. Do these newer models process the HD Audio sound internally and send it out in the 5.1 analog rca...
  20. Craig

    The new Spire - Any Chicagoans going?

    http://www.martinloganowners.com/~tdacquis/forum/showthread.php?t=6150 ML is debueing the new Spire speaker at a Tweeter Store in Chicago on 4 April. Any of our Chicago members going? Is so, take a camera and let us know your first impressions.