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  1. FLT

    Class A amplifiers and ESL 9?

    I’m using a Pass Labs X250.8 with the ESL 9’s and highly recommend it.
  2. FLT

    Just purchased my first pair of ML ESL 9’s PLEASE HELP!!!

    I purchased my esl 9's from Woodbridge a few years ago when they first came out. I first powered them with a Parasound A21 and it had plenty of power sounding quite good. I now power them with a Pass X250.8 and this is I feel is a perfect match. The sound is effortless, smooth, detailed and...
  3. FLT

    Is the Martin Logan brand declining?

    "Few member’s systems sport the newest high end Logan’s. And there doesn’t seem to be a plethora of new members joining after purchasing the higher end ESL speakers. It seems like we discuss politics much more than electrostatic speaker’s these days." It seems you have answered your own...
  4. FLT

    Major upgrade !

    The Pass X250.8 has broken in nicely. The Parasound A21 was a good performer with my ML Classic 9's but the X250.8 is outstanding. I was also considering the Rogue M180 in my quest for improvements but due to the Classic 9's lack of internal bass amps I went for the Pass and I'm very happy with...
  5. FLT

    Major upgrade !

    Well I can tell you right now that the A21 is a great amp and I am curious myself. Regarding the difference between the A23 and the A21, it will be a definite upgrade and not just because of the higher power output.
  6. FLT

    Major upgrade !

    I'm counting down the days to the receipt of my new Pass Labs X250.8 to replace my 2 year old Parasound A21. It will be driving my ML Classic 9's. Once it is broken in I will post my findings and a comparison in the amplifier section.
  7. FLT

    The DON / redux

  8. FLT

    The DON / redux

    Thank You for posting this!
  9. FLT

    How does Impression 11A compare with Summit X?

    I believe the magic in the masterpiece series is the integration of bass with the panel. Trying as hard as I can with many different types of music, I cannot identify any discontinuity in the crossover region on my new classic 9's. They also integrate better into my room than any previous...
  10. FLT

    Web site?

    I'm having the same problem. If I log out the newest posts show up, but when logged in they do not and if I try to mark all posts read I get the message above.
  11. FLT

    The DON / redux

    The judiciary has a mandate to uphold the constitution of the U.S. I would never argue a decision based on that, let's see what you think of today's supreme court pick. :ROFL:
  12. FLT

    The DON / redux

    :banghead:If you **** on your boss's desk, technically you quit.
  13. FLT

    New member Old audiophile

    Thank You! Yes it does.
  14. FLT

    New member Old audiophile

    Hi, I recently purchased the newly introduced Classic ESL 9's. Getting to listen to my old record collection for the first time all over again. Equipment: SOTA STAR, ET-2, Van den Hul Frog gold CLASSE CP 50 Parasound A21 MIT bi wire cable NAD M51 DAC Pioneer Elite CD transport
  15. FLT

    New speaker.......Classic ESL-9

    I have a pair of Classic ESL-9's for three weeks now in my 16 X 26 foot (8' ceiling) dedicated listening room. The integration of the bass is fabulous on these speakers in my room. I am truly impressed so far.