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    Ethos sound issues

    I had my depth i sub serviced under warranty at my dealer and everything went well with that. It was actually in 2x.
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    Does anyone use ceiling speakers for Dolby Atmos?

    Im using 4 of the ICs. They sound good to me. https://www.martinlogan.com/en/product/electromotion-ic
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    Center channel for monolith 3.

    How would someone go about running three of those off of the one channel? Do those speakers have an audio out balanced outlet so that you can chain them together?
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    New member owner of ReQuests, and Theatre

    He has some suggestions for shipping. I ended up driving to his home and delivered mine personally so I didn't have to worry about shipping. I'm going to have him mail them back to me. He seems to know real well how to ship.
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    New member owner of ReQuests, and Theatre

    My prodigies had low output and vacuuming didn't help any. I gave my panels to someone to recondition. He is going to take them apart, clean the old coating off them and apply his own new coating.
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    Showtime Anytime not streaming in 5.1

    Anyone with an Apple TV 4k device have anything to report on how it streams audio? Im still wondering if it gets dolby 5.1 correctly on Showtime and other channels like AMC. Seems like on the Amazon Fire Stick 4k that it comes in in stereo (2 channels) and my receiver ends up expanding it into...
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    System #538 (Renaissance ESL 15A)

    I figured it was a spare room in the basement. My wife would never allow that in the family room! You're lucky!
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    Bryston 4B-ST

    Im just curious about what Bryston is doing with the trade ins. Im assuming they must just let the dealer sell them, but wondering what kind of money transfer happens. Perhaps the dealer gets to keep the commission on the sale and they return the rest of the proceeds from the sale back to...
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    Bryston 4B-ST

    I wonder what they do with the old amps when you trade them in. Anybody know?
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    How to know what kind of circuit you might need to power your equipment?

    Only problem is the breaker box is in the finished portion of the basement, and to get to the area under the family room requires going through the finished part. Afraid the ceiling and walls would have to get cut out and then patched. Would be an expensive job. I'm hoping to sell the house in...
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    System #538 (Renaissance ESL 15A)

    Wow, I bet that was a lot of work. The sound is really good now? I've never heard of that before.
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    How to know what kind of circuit you might need to power your equipment?

    Thinking about what I might run into if I replace my subwoofer I have now with a more powerful one. I now have my home theater just set up in the family room. Right now I am using a ML Depth i. Just one. I also am running my Aragon dual channel amp (200 watts at 8 ohms each channel), my Marantz...
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    Power Cords for M/L 13a B212 Make a difference ?

    So, if wiring a dedicated theater room, what brand of receptical would be reasonable to go with?
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    Amp Recommendations for ESL 15

    I like my Aragon dual monoblock amp. Sounds great with my Prodigies. Ive got the 8008, but they also make monoblocks too, for just one channel. http://www.aragonav.com/products/
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    Crazy new Samsung Wall TV.

    Isn't that just "sick"! I'd rather do that than a projector I think, but the cost has to be astronomical.
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    Crazy new Samsung Wall TV.

    https://www.anandtech.com/show/14934/samsungs-micro-led-wall-tvs-now-available-up-to-8k-up-to-292inches Look at the size and resolution. Impressive, and no projector to worry about. This has got to be expensive! For price you have to write the company. IW008R | Leave an inquiry | Samsung...
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    Laser Printers....Thoughts ??

    Seems most printers ar Good point on the photos. The high school here uses big ink jet printers for the photography classes. Certainly produce the best photos.
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    Center Channel Match for These

    Yeah, mines not excited about such and that's why I bought used Prodigy and theater i speakers. Russ, someone known on here for building his own electrostats and fixing them recommended not using a panel speaker for center channel. Ive been thinking my next home theater i may use a standard in...
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    Center Channel Match for These

    I've got a theater i thats pretty decent. I hear that the new focus is supposed to be great.