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  1. J

    New Member with Monolith ii, Infrasub-12 pro, Rogers EHF-100, Bluesound

    The foam surround looks good. So the part that your son blew out is probably the voice coil. There are individuals and small companies th5at do this repair which will probably be equal in cost after shipping to buying new woofers fromParts Express. So it’s a matter of do you want to keep the...
  2. J

    For Sale Monolith I in NJ for sale

    Reducing price to $1500 for quick sale. An audition will reveal how smooth these are.
  3. J

    For Sale Monolith I in NJ for sale

    I have a pair of first gen Monoliths. Woofers refoamed by Miller Sound. Panels redone by Russ Knotts. They are in very good condition with exception that one panel has a faint crackling when not being played. When playing they sound great. Russ stated that one panel is at 95-98% level as...
  4. J

    Monolith3 Replacement Woofers

    I wrote to Sublime Acoustic but no response. The one and only contact point is an email address for Marc. No phone number, no address. Last comment on their site blog 2+years old went unanswered. I wonder if other people can chime in on this product and company.
  5. J

    Best US Site to Sell Used Audio Equipment?

    I’m surprised nobody mentioned Audiocircle. Quite an active forum with good traffic trading post. Also Audiokarma, which I don’t like as much because they charge an annual membership fee and have tedious rules for posting items to sell. Both these sites don’t have the flexible search options as USAM
  6. J

    Best US Site to Sell Used Audio Equipment?

    I've bought at least a dozen items on Audiogon in a wide range of prices......but not recently. the listings on Audiogon (in quantity AND quality) have dropped by 70% in the past 8 months. in the past doing a search for floorstanding speakers within 100 miles of NY would have resulted in 10...
  7. J

    Impressions Setup - Flashlight Technique

    As he says in the video, planar speakers are more sensitive side to side than front to back distance. I need the back wall to be 12-18” from speaker for the panel.....BUT i need to tame the woofer boom but having the speaker (Monoliths) farther out in the room . Ahhh, compromises.
  8. J

    searching for opinions on an amp for monolith III

    I am using Bryston 7b monoblocks with Monolith I’s. It may be overkill but it’s what I had in place when I picked up the ML’s. Never had volume over 25% in a 14x23 room with 2 open wall/sides. Combination never disappoints.
  9. J

    Monolith II

    Hi, I’m a new member, just came across your post. I have been wrestling with my Monoliths I , I think the solder at bottom of one panel needs refreshing, which means both should be done. Also dealing with bass that is heavi from 35-85 hz and light in mid-bass . So when I saw the parts you have...