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  1. Brad225

    New Member

    Thank You for your service Coilman1. Welcome to the gang.
  2. Brad225

    ESLs in 11x14 foot room with 10 foot ceiling!

    Welcome leifsundstrup I would start with 5' behind them with some absorption and, or diffusion on the wall. You can move yourself to within 2' of the wall behind you but again you will need some absorption or diffusion. Which will be your sound preference. Thy keeping them at least 2' from the...
  3. Brad225

    Tube monoblock recommendations

    Just curious. Do you have a good center channel to match the Prodigys? 60% to 70% of the vocals and created center image is from the center channel for TV/video watching. Even though Prodigys are amazing speakers you would solve part of that with the center. If you want better high end as you...
  4. Brad225

    For Sale CLS IIs for Sale

    Welcome Audiophile Son. Good luck with the sale.
  5. Brad225, bourbon, cigar

    I'm with you George but, my pain med is Tequila. I have had spine surgery and rib surgery this year. In either case my surgeon started making suggestions for pain meds, I told him that my choice after the first couple of days would be Tequila. In both cases they stared at me for a moment...
  6. Brad225

    Martin Logan ESL or ESL-X if I already have a sub

    I use a rebuilt LOGOS with my ELS. Since the center puts out the vast majority of the sound a very good center with ELS would work very well. Depending on you budget, if you can get a good deal on Classic 9s I would go that direction. Think about purchasing a better quality for one now and grow...
  7. Brad225

    Sound Diffusor

    These DIY panels don't have a lot of WAF but have worked very well in my room. 1/4" foam board and glue the bottoms to plastic martini glasses. Spray paint them your choice of color and hang them any way you choose. Mine hang from the top of the absorption panels so I can move them side to...
  8. Brad225

    Finally almost complete

    Congrats Kalabos and welcome to the gang. Great to hear your system sounds so good. Brad
  9. Brad225

    New old CLS from Poland

    Glad to hear your CLSs are still working well. I loved all of my CLSs with tubes. Brad
  10. Brad225

    Hello From Midwest USA

    Welcome Kalabos1. We look forward to hearing and seeing more of your system.
  11. Brad225

    Another new member from the UK

    Welcome Brian, Nice looking system. Keep us updated as you make future changes.
  12. Brad225

    ESL with a problem

    Glad to hear it Andrew.
  13. Brad225

    Why so many used ML electrostats listed for sale and less than a year old?

    I'm happy to hear they are still going strong for you.
  14. Brad225

    New Mem

    Welcome ebustin.
  15. Brad225

    Hear the Neoliths in Raleigh

    I was visiting Raleigh years ago and went to listen to CLXs when they were touring the country. On a Friday evening I had the room to my self for over an hour. The staff at Audio Advice were wonderful and helpful. I would go if I was closer.
  16. Brad225

    Why so many used ML electrostats listed for sale and less than a year old?

    Russr, Robert only has daughters. You may need some alterations to fall into that category. :)
  17. Brad225

    Why so many used ML electrostats listed for sale and less than a year old?

    Maybe they were sorry they didn't purchase a pair of CLXs new when they could have and are now going for a used pair. :)
  18. Brad225

    Hello from VA USA

    Welcome AR. Glad you joined the gang here.
  19. Brad225

    Prodigy transformer specs

    I was thinking it was, Mike, aka - GW1800
  20. Brad225

    Prodigy transformer specs

    I believe Mike mentioned he had new panels in another thread related to this issue.