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    Show me your pets!

    Which one of you guys did I steal this picture from?
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    summit speaker wire hookup

    I spent a lot of time making a set of four heavy copper jumpers for Martin Logans, but since I went active xo in 2012, they've been sitting on the mantle. Would trade for a Schiit Modius in black...
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    DIY Centerspeaker with Aerius

    Aerius 'i' is crossed at 450Hz with the same panel afaik, so maybe you could do 400Hz with a steeper slope? Find out what is the resonance freq of an Aerius and stay above it. Try to lay one on its side to see if it functions satisfactorily as a center channel for you, because according to...
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    Want to buy ML's but can't decide which ones.

    I'm amazed you're finding such new panels out there, esp in the Netherlands. I was emphasizing the differences between SL3, Ascent, and Ascent'i,' and want to make sure an enthusiast appreciates how much bigger and stiffer the Ascent (and Ascent'i') cabinet is over the SL3's and will make a...
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    Want to buy ML's but can't decide which ones.

    Gen 1 panels haven't been made since ~2004-ish when ML switched to Gen 2 (clear spars) for replacement panels. Why not place a wanted ad for Ascent'i' (MUST be 'i') and wait and see what happens?
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    Anyone with recent Lampizator experience?

    Pretty sure Lampie himself is a member over at if that helps?
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    Want to buy ML's but can't decide which ones.

    You must know that Acurus is Latin for 'hollowed-out Aragon'? Mine started acting like a Jeff Rowland once I put a fat power supply and fat heat sinks in it, and it smokes Aragons for breakfast before pulling Krell's tails, so I have to keep it tied down with my thickest cables.
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    Want to buy ML's but can't decide which ones.

    It's only the passive bass that needs fixing, so the passive ESL xo/eq stays in place. I'm using a comically lowbrow Pyramid SEA-3000 3-way active xo and an Acurus amp on the bass.
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    Want to buy ML's but can't decide which ones.

    Back in 2008 I placed a wanted ad in Audiogon for a pair of SL3, as it indeed has the basics right: 1x4 ft panel and sealed box woofer w low 250Hz xo point. And I found a pair right away, of the last year SL3 made in 2000! (Then I took a good long while -- too long!-- to make the bass active...
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    Want to buy ML's but can't decide which ones.

    For longevity you'll want Gen2 panels (with the clear spars) or later models. For adequate ESL goodness/cone woofer weakness quotient, you need approx 1 x 4 feet ESL and sealed box woofer, to be active xo, or made active later. Since 2014, I have Ascent'i' which is one of the unpolished jewels...
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    CLS help in Indianapolis

    It's good to hear that Russ Knotts is up and about!
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    I have teased out some meaning from it and would like to contribute constructively. On my ML Motion10 tiny towers I've had to stuff the port closed as the bass is just too mushy, so perhaps that's going on here too? When I ran them through an active high pass at 90Hz they got better, and better...
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    Once artificial intelligence really kicks in, all forum posts will look like this.
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    About to buy a set of SL3 - couple of questions

    Agree that you have it right. So perhaps the panels wrapped up are the originals from '95? If the SL3 are from 1995, they would have the older woofer, which has a smaller counterbore than the SS takes, but yes, it is very straightforward and worthwhile to run the bass active.
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    Prodigy Improvements and Upgrades

    No, those Solen film caps are fine forever, so leave the top end alone. For all these old passive hybrid ESL's, once you use an active crossover on the bass, you have basically caught up with today's state-of-the-art and won't need any replacement. Attached is a simplified diagram of the...
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    CLS help in Indianapolis

    Don't you have the other side's transformer to try? I had one of these T1 go out on my old ML SL3, and for months I ran both speakers off the same transformer until I could install a new T1 from ML (~$16 back in 2012).
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    Speaker Warm Up

    It is normal for one wearing out! So you are quite lucky for now.... Is the whole panel making uniform but weaker sound, or is it one localized section that's weak? Try massaging or squeezing the sandwich together along the right side where there is a copper strip making connection with the film.
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    RIP High End - NEW Martin Logan Speakers! Motion XT F100 Review

    That folded tweeter is quite good even if you're coming from ESLs (I have a pair of Motion4 and Motion10 that use it) as it plays loudly effortlessly and has narrow vertical dispersion. And I just love a woven fiber cone for the mids and aluminum cones for bass, so this is a great update on the...
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    How to allocate power for bi-amping

    Think about the combo load in a passive hybrid: An ESL via a transformer which would like to see voltage, and in parallel a series inductor and woofer which want current. When you bi-amp, the top amp is happy to not drive the passive xo in the bass, and the top end is glorious. But the bass amp...
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    How to allocate power for bi-amping

    I wouldn't like to argue with JonFo, but back when I went active xo on the bass of my SL3, it was still appreciative of a bigger amp on the bass, while the ESL is an easy load (current-wise). Try them both and use the better-sounding amp on the ESL!