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  1. J

    Wanted Wanted: ML Dust Covers for Summits, Montis, or Spires

    Both my Ethos and Montis came with covers. They are nothing special. A person could make them with only rudimentary sewing skills.
  2. J

    Want to buy ML's but can't decide which ones.

    I think you will enjoy the Ethos. I know i did.
  3. J

    summit speaker wire hookup

    Just out of curiosity, what is the point of that? I can't see any reason for it.
  4. J

    Want to buy ML's but can't decide which ones.

    I hate to complicate matters, but when I was shopping, I found a large performance jump going from Theos to Ethos. The Theos just didn't do it for me. Bought the Ethos then upgraded fairly soon to Montis.
  5. J

    Integrated amp advice for ML

    I've heard the Hegel (but not with ML). I seriously considered it before I got the Pass. Don't think you could go wrong with it.
  6. J

    Do YOU think ML bass is disjointed?

    I'm sure it would be a challenge but apparently ML managed it with the CLS series. In any case I am perfectly happy with the bass integration of my Montis.
  7. J

    Do YOU think ML bass is disjointed?

    IF ML could get the crossover point down to 150 Hz, they would really have something...
  8. J

    Do YOU think ML bass is disjointed?

    I talked to one of the ML reps at a show a while back. He claimed the DSP in later models was used to match the phase of the woofer to the phase of the panel at the crossover point. That has been my experience as well.
  9. J

    To Buy Or Not To Buy

    I have a hard time seeing how this could work out. The 15s are really huge.
  10. J

    Has anyone moved from the ML Ethos to the 11A?

    I moved up from Ethos to Montis a while back. Big improvement. I would expect the 11A's to be even more so with room correction.
  11. J

    Speaker Cable Questions

    I have a somewhat similar set up. Pass Labs INT-150 with ML Montis. I am currently using DIY Mogami W3082 cables. I thought the change was subtle (at best) from my previous speaker cables, but I have kept them in my system now for a couple years. As you are no doubt aware, the coax...
  12. J

    Cable choices with your Martin Logans.

    I'm using DIY Mogami W3082 coax speaker cables. They are what Roger Sanders sold at one time: When I made the change, I thought I could hear some slight improvement to the higher frequencies, but it was subtle at best.
  13. J

    My system (jtucker)

    Unfortunately, room treatments are not an option for me. I have the speakers positioned so that I get "optimal" mix of direct and reflected sound at what sounds to me the proper ratio/timing. I have owned several other different planar and dipole speakers (not in this home) and faced similar...
  14. J

    My system (jtucker)

    The enhanced digital output is a third party applet you can install if you are interested:
  15. J

    My system (jtucker)

    The floor is stained and textured concrete. It is in the whole house.
  16. J

    My system (jtucker)

    When we moved here, I thought the room was going to be a big issue. The sound is surprisingly very good with what I would describe as a wide and deep soundstage. Bass room nodes are probably very low frequency. Any kind of room treatments will immediately fail WAF, so its a good thing I am...
  17. J

    My system (jtucker)

    MY system: ML Montis in bubinga wood Pass Labs INT-150 Oppo UDP-205 transport and DAC Squeezebox Touch with enhanced digital output streamer
  18. J

    Integrated amp advice for ML

    That Cary does look really nice. Haven't heard it though. I can't see why it wouldn't be a great option.
  19. J

    Integrated amp advice for ML

    Another vote for Pass. I had Ethos with Pass INT-150, now with Montis. Not a big fan of tubes w/ stats. If you like the tubesound, I would go with a hybrid integrated or tube pre and SS power amp. I'm sure there are some tube amps that can deal with the low impedance at HF of the stat panel...
  20. J

    Krell Class A iBias Experiences

    Another happy Pass labs owner here. Pass INT-150 with Montis in the house.