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    System #538 (Renaissance ESL 15A)

    Thanks , and that seems to be best way to implement DSP very clever decision. I wonder if ML will be releasing replacement for ESL 11-15 range anytime soon
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    System #538 (Renaissance ESL 15A)

    Thanks, ill keep inductors and resistors as original( from what i remember inductors had a Jentzen sticker on it, probably not the most expensive model but still from the very good brand. Can someone explain ESL 11-15 crossover design ? I know is semi-active and this is how I understand its...
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    Clean Power for ML Powered Speakers.

    Just wanted to share my experience with ESL 15s running from Shunyata - Hydra Denali D2000 , Speaker Built-in amps had huge benefits when feeding power from a cleaner source. This specific power conditioner is specifically designed for power amps. i would still not connect my Passlabs XA 160.8...
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    System #538 (Renaissance ESL 15A)

    Hi I had great results using upgrading to Mundorf Caps. i did try ones here and bunch of other ones from Audience and Clartiy caps , even tried duland bypass caps After one month of trial and error, this is what worked most for me. These caps had huge improvement in my system. Now thinking...
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    Anyone aware if Martin Logan planning to release new range to replace 11A, 13A, 15A

    I’m running esl 15s in a small room , I’m sure in late it would open even more but arc makes base sound good in a smaller rooms as well . Spoke with ML dealer and asked same question about esl 15replacement, was told that he did not know about new replacement coming soon
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    Martin Logan Vantage

    Selling beautiful ML Vantage in Chicago , purchased last year from deal as a new old stock If you are in Chicago area let me know link below
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    Martin Logan VISTA Vertical Bi AMP ?

    HI I currently have ML Based home theater: ESL 15A upfront, ML Vista - back speakers and ML- Vantage as side speakers... I was thinking to take my Vista and move it to the second floor as my second system speaker. i 7X speakers for HT is overkill, I can totally live with 5.1 + 4 atmos...
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    System #538 (Renaissance ESL 15A)

    Perfect that's what I'll do , really don't want to combine different caps from 2 different vendors , thanks for your help , I'll report back how it goes.
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    System #538 (Renaissance ESL 15A)

    Thank you so much for trying to help , I contacted ML and this is what they said .. "Solen PA3300 and PA1800" I know Audiocap has 33uf but I can't find 18uf from the same family, can I combine 2 different ones in parallel? Or what should I do if one cap is 33uf and second is 18uf ?
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    Capacitor upgrade in ESL15a

    I wanted to try capacitor upgrade on my ESL15a. notice one forum members have done it here but other then it sounds good nothing else was posted. Woud anyone know capacitors used in ESL15a crossovers ? Attached picture is work of forum member here ..that I'm trying to replicate ... one looks...
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    System #538 (Renaissance ESL 15A)

    Could anyone help finding Capacitor values for esl15 ? I wanted to update capacitors in crossovers but pictures were not clear here ?
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    System #538 (Renaissance ESL 15A)

    Could you please list parts replaced? I could try to read from the picture but maybe that's something you could share ? So was is just the 2 caps that was replaced with 3 caps ? For ESL 15 ? Thanks
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    Joining family , ML lover from Chicago

    Hi Joining family of ML finally got to the point where my system is 90% completed I'm 40 with 3 kids so it always hard to justify spending for my hobby. I use my system in 60% Music and 40% home theater, in Chicago I highly recommend my dealer and friend Albert , I seriously started building...