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  1. Tmort

    A little humor...

  2. Tmort

    A little humor...

    I had a pair of Dahlquist DQ-10’s which looked like giant scratching panels to cats or they sit atop them!
  3. Tmort

    A little humor...

    My kitties never touch my stats, didn’t get Maggie’s for fear they’d treat them like scratching posts (although a friend of mine has some 1.7’s and three felines who don’t touch them).
  4. Tmort

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Yup that’s what I’m streaming it off, unfortunately it’s not MQA.
  5. Tmort

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Just recently discovered this jewel…
  6. Tmort

    The ohms Trick

    You should also consider the Anthem MCA 225 mk 2 amp, it puts out 400w at 4 ohms. Does a wonderful job with my classic 9’s, driving both the stat panel and woofers in bi-wire setup. Your panels only need power with the internal amp for the woofers...
  7. Tmort

    Speaker Cable Questions

    My classic 9’s were connected to my Anthem amp with a basic 12 ga oxygen free copper, 2 meter set of cables and a similar gauge jumper. I didn’t want to go deep cost wise in this venture but also “cheap” wasn’t a goal. Following the parameters suggested in Sanders‘ white paper for...
  8. Tmort

    Friday chillin…

    Amazon Govee floor light… Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp, LED Corner Lamp Works with Alexa, Smart Modern Floor Lamp with Music Sync and 16 Million DIY Colors, Ambiance Color Changing Standing Lamp for Bedroom Living Room Gaming Room
  9. Tmort

    Friday chillin…

    When you get to crank it and enjoy…
  10. Tmort

    Subwoofer recommendations

    It’s the R-12SW, so it’s a 12” unit… The room is basically square, just a bit over 11’ x 11’ plus the ceiling slopes front (8’) to rear (11.5’), which is nice. It looks smaller in the pic as a Murphy bed on the side there projects 20” into the space. I think two subwoofers would be overkill...
  11. Tmort

    Subwoofer recommendations

    I’ve a small room, a bedroom specifically with classic 9’s. Currently running a relatively inexpensive but pretty tight Klipsch powered subwoofer. In the big picture though this is probably the weakest link in my chain. No urgency to change but I’m sure a step up on the bottom end would...
  12. Tmort

    Just Wondering....

    Running Anthem MCA 225 mk2 on my classic 9’s and it’s a great match (the classic 9’s don’t have a built in amp for the woofers so I’m driving panels and woofers with the amp alone). ML and Anthem are tied at the hip so it’s no surprise that they work well together.
  13. Tmort


    I think your suspicion that the amp may have done something to them could be on point. I’d not use that amp on anything you can’t dispose of…perhaps take it in for analysis since your classic 9’s are down for now. Something may have fried in the electronics on the speakers, but definitely see...
  14. Tmort

    Once in a lifetime barn find.

    Holy cow…that’s a serious project just to set up! Definitely want to see them set up!
  15. Tmort

    Nordost Odin 2 available at large discount

    Still waiting to hear from you on these cables.
  16. Tmort

    Nordost Odin 2 available at large discount

    Let me know what we are talking for the speaker cables….
  17. Tmort

    Electromotion ESL panels fading issue.

    Is it both panels or just one?
  18. Tmort

    what amp to use with Renaissance 15a

    I’m using the NAD C658 preamp / streamer, it’s got the XLR balanced outputs to take advantage of those connections on the amp. But before that I was using the front end of a Sony AVR using RCA connections, it worked fine.
  19. Tmort

    what amp to use with Renaissance 15a

    Anthem 225 mk 2 is awesome, 400w at 4 ohms. Around $2,500.
  20. Tmort

    Want to purchase ESL 13A (Used or New)

    Funny, as I retired it gave me time to build my system and enjoy it!