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    Do YOU think ML bass is disjointed?

    I try to stay out of the frequency bands of the vocalists. That is one of the best strengths of Martin Logans, conveying the timbre of the singer. "The voiced speech of a typical adult male will have a fundamental frequency from 85 to 155 Hz, and that of a typical adult female from 165 to 255...
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    For Sale CLS1 parts or both speakers

    $328.08 for shipping UPS ground.
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    For Sale CLS1 parts or both speakers

    Lately, I have checked this site almost daily. I think if you message me, I will see your message right away. Please answer if you are able to replace the panels before I go to the UPS store early next week to determine shipping cost to you. You wrote me earlier that you have trouble boxing up...
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    Yet another Ripole sub project

    I wrote without remembering the isobaric needs an enclosed cabinet. It doubles the volume and fleshes out the lower register. Sorry for wasting your time with that. I appreciate that you have found something for me that might be way less expensive than a big cabinet.
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    Wanted WTB CLSIIZ working speakers. Panels can be older or not working. Electronic boxes need to be working.

    Yes. Power cord issue. The good part is that I purchased a new set of panels (in advance of needing them) and got to have a new power supply from Martin Logan. What great support for such an old speaker. I will be installing the brand new panels around the end of December. I am sorry for not...
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    Yet another Ripole sub project

    Yes. How do you wire them? Is this like an isobaric sub? Just asking you first!
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    For Sale CLS1 parts or both speakers

    Please make my drop off point in Dane county, Wisconsin.
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    For Sale CLS1 parts or both speakers

    That would be great. Just buy a pair of the panel with issues and that would be $50 a panel plus shipping in the Martin Logan box. $100 plus shipping costs.
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    Martin Logan Trainer & Set-Up Expert Joel Lopez - "It's My Passion"

    You can visit my place if I can visit yours. We both live in Madison, Wisconsin. Let me know what 10 songs you are most familiar with and I will make sure they are on the system. Thank you. Song title Artist Album I just want to hear what a calibrated speaker and if it loads the space.
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    For Sale CLS1 parts or both speakers

    Brandon, I think you need way more than a zip code but I may be wrong. There are the 3 copies of the Canadian commercial invoice or whatever that is to get the accurate duty tax. I have been selling lots of cables to a reseller in Canada and he exclusively emails me UPS. There has been several...
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    For Sale CLS1 parts or both speakers

    Hi Brandon, I like the metalwork I see you do. Martin Logan only sells panels by the pair. If I lose a panel for any reason, I need to buy a pair. I have two pair of clsiiz or four speakers. I had two pairs of panels that had one of the pair have a “snap” type of sound at high volume. So I...
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    For Sale CLS1 parts or both speakers

    I have six clsII or clsIIz panels that I replaced for my clsIIz. That is 3 pair. I am not certain if they work on the cls. I replace my panels whenever they have an issue or price increase. The last order for new panels came as a result of error on diagnosing a problem with my panel this past...
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    Expression 13A, Source, Motion series Atmos tops and sides

    Does your Trinnov have HDMI 2.1 yet? If not, what is the procedure in Europe to get it installed at a later date?
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    Anyone want free parts from a working clsiiz internal power board?

    I am so grateful that Martin Logan supports their speakers. I had an issue with a power cord this past summer that I wrongly diagnosed as a problem with a clsiiz panel. It was my error. After discussion with Martin Logan, I purchased an internal power board from Martin Logan for the clsiiz. In...
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    Diffusion/Absorption or both?

    Hi, I use RPG skyline quite a bit. I use it behind the TV and on many walls. I did not buy enough to finish the job, but it made a noticeable difference and I never followed up on buying the last few boxes of it. I pull down the blinds for diffusion on the 3 window sections and opposing wall on...
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    Name a Streamer that offers Playlist Functionality.

    I am very happy with answers from knowledgeable people familiar with the gear and software. Many forums are unlike this one. I am sure this helps me a lot and I am sending this to my friend who will explain it to me.
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    Wanted Wanted: Arcici Stands for CLS

    Hi, You mentioned "(similar)" If you get tired of waiting for second hand Arcici, try the sound anchors. [email protected] is their email address. When Bob owned the business I purchased two pair. One was the standard 12" height and the second was 16". There is some customization available...