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    WHAT IS THIS PLEASE?!? I can't find any information about this for the life of me

    You could get something that will work at McMaster Carr all day long. I attached a screen shot. I have done this many times before. If you can't measure the diameter of the center pin, you could just buy both the 2MM & 2.5MM Either keep them both or return the unused one. $15.00 might not be...
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    WHAT IS THIS PLEASE?!? I can't find any information about this for the life of me

    I'm not sure if this helps you but give it a try.
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    Opinions? Sunfire Amp- Voltage vs. Current out

    Wow... I have been using my Cinema Grand for years now with the current output to the panels and the voltage output to the woofers on both my rebuilt Sequel II's and a stock pair of Request. I still can't decide what speakers I like better. I have a really bad room for speakers. Since reading...
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    Brutal honesty pls

    Patrik, I just saw your posting. I too purchased a pair of Seque lI's from a Pawn Shop a few years back. I did hear them before the purchase but it was not a good test preview. Not a good preview as in a cashier's mp3 on their phone through a cheap flea market receiver. I was so excited that I...
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    That's not a bad idea at all. I never thought of such a thing. Thanks Robert D
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    I currently own a pair of Sequel II's for a few years now. I am very happy with them. I purchased new panels through ML a few years back and recapped the crossovers about a year ago. I have a neighbor that has a pair of reQuest for sale. I need a bit more bottom end or bass. This is the only...
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    Mark Levinson Opinon?

    I have a pair of Sequel II's mated with a Sunfire Cinema Grand Amp. This amp has failed me again. Twice now. I used a Bryston 3B for years and did like the sound but it's lacking a certain punch. I have an option to purchase a Mark Levinson #23 amp for around $1500.00 The owner/seller stated...
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    Need power cords for Scenarios

    I use Mc Master Carr... They pretty much have everything and I purchase something from them almost every day. See if this link will help you.
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    I need a cheap temporary power amp, any recommendations?

    For what it's worth... I stumbled across a Bryston 3B amp at a garage sale for $300 a few days after I sent my Sunfire Cinema Grand for a tune-up. I liked it, not the same punch when driven hard like the Sunfire but worked pretty well overall. I have the older ML's that some say are hard to...
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    New panels - yet REW thinks they're rubbish!

    Not that it helps anything, but an ole timer once told me: " You hear with your ears and listen with your brain" that could apply to the break-in theory
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    Repairing/replacing Sequel II panel?

    I replaced my Sequel II's panels summer of 2019. I did notice a great improvement. I also recapped them a few months back, some improvement as well. As for removing the panels, lay them on their back and support the back towards the top. ( a few pillows, cardboard box etc...) Tap the wood side...
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    Issue with Sequel II's Woofer (TORN)

    I did try changing the woofer polarity/phasing. Not much different. It did lose some stage depth. Just for fun, I changed one speaker phasing, listened then changed the other. It's funny, how the sound differs moving around the room with one speaker out of phase. But I understand.
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    A while back I bought this WWII veterans record collection. About 1700 Records for $90.00 Sorting through them I stumbled on Julie London. Her first record "Julie is my name" was recorded in 1955 and is Mono. This album sounds really, really good, even being mono it has stage depth. (I don't...
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    I always like to check in on this "What are you listening to right now" forum. The last post was beginning of June. Did something happen?
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    Issue with Sequel II's Woofer (TORN)

    Now I'm smiling even more.... I love the Garrard Turntable. 4 speeds even, I'm guessing 16, 33, 45, 78. All these years I have never heard or seen a 16 RPM record. Those turntables with the changer were convenient but the record skidding along after dropping trying to get to speed. OUCH. I...
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    Issue with Sequel II's Woofer (TORN)

    Mentorron, Sounds like you are doing OK, ears and everything. I do suffer the Tinnitus thing as well, been working in manufacturing since my late teens. Amazing you can hear up to 10K. I'm only 63 so I am a few years behind you. No pics of my first system. Harmon Kardon 330 receiver with machine...
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    Issue with Sequel II's Woofer (TORN)

    I also thought of not wiring the woofers and using a sub So just the panels where ever they crossover at then the sub below that.
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    Issue with Sequel II's Woofer (TORN)

    JonFo, I'm not sure about going full active-XO, or just use the DSP on the bass. I really like the options, I thought about doing the Xover thing before I recapped the ML's. Seems a bit complicated and some work but winter is coming so I will have some time. Since I'm in my 60's. My hearing is...
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    Issue with Sequel II's Woofer (TORN)

    Miro, To tell you the truth, I can't hear much difference between Bi-Wire and not Bi-Wire. I had the Bryston as a single pair of wires, it sounded great but did not have as much punch as the Sunfire. I used the bryston while the Sunfire was getting a tune up. I did try both ways of wiring with...
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    Issue with Sequel II's Woofer (TORN)

    Wow Bob That is exactly what I was thinking of trying to do but have had zero luck. So what do we do next, I really want those things.