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  1. Brandon Hartwick

    Custom ESL using quest panels

    The one thing I'm kind of wishing I did was spend a bit more time on the back of the woofer enclosure. It would have been cool to add a removable slot port that could be swapped with different lengths and even sealed right up if needed. I'm going to try and get out to my shop tomorrow at...
  2. Brandon Hartwick

    Building Custom Home Theater

    You should consider some nearfield subwoofers as well, they seem to be worth looking into. I keep seeing people with great results and I want to try it.
  3. Brandon Hartwick

    Near Field Subs = 😎

    I've heard of a number of people that have done this and all have reported great results. Are they using the same crossover point as the front subs?
  4. Brandon Hartwick

    Custom ESL using quest panels

    Since I'm only doing stitch welded construction the panel joints will leak so I'll be coating the entire inside in a silicone or rubber. Solid welding this thing is absolutely not in the cards lol, I solid TIG welded the baffles and it took hours. I'll stuff the cabinets with something as...
  5. Brandon Hartwick

    Custom ESL using quest panels

    You could do carbon fiber, I'm sure some manufacturer likely has. Carbon fiber would likely need a lot of structure to keep it from ringing but they can do some wild stuff with carbon so I'm sure it's possible.
  6. Brandon Hartwick

    Building Custom Home Theater

    4 21" subs should handle the bass nicely for sure. Years ago when I was still living at home I build a pretty serious HT setup in the basement almost entirely from used gear and I had a RCF 21" woofer in the adjacent room. It would play 30HZ and down through a furnace vent in the door, in a...
  7. Brandon Hartwick

    Custom ESL using quest panels

    Yeah it's just regular carbon steel, same thing almost all our industrial equipment is made from. The woofer cabinets are about 70lb without drivers and the panel frames are about 40lb with the ESL panel. I'll have to weigh it when it's complete. You could most definitely use aluminum, really...
  8. Brandon Hartwick

    Custom ESL using quest panels

    Update time The last few days I've spent many hours welding and grinding to make sure the front baffles are all sealed up. I still have a bunch more to do before a can seal the insides with silicone. Tonight after work I get the footer, panel frame and box all bolted together to check...
  9. Brandon Hartwick

    DAC Do or Don't?

    Schiit makes great gear for reasonable prices so I wouldn't be so fast to dismiss them, but we all know audiophiles get all hot and bothered by shiny boxes and big words posted in stereophile articles so I'm not really surprised so many people don't give it a second thought.
  10. Brandon Hartwick

    DAC Do or Don't?

    DACs can be great but I'm not a fan of dumping huge $ into a DAC I'd highly recommend checking out the stuff from Schiit Audio. They have a variety of US made DACs in different flavors depending on what you're after. Personally I use cheap Topping DACs with good results for my needs.
  11. Brandon Hartwick

    what amp to use with Renaissance 15a

    It's worth noting that the Neolith is a completely passive speaker, you're powering the panels and 4 woofers. The 15A uses powered woofers so you're only driving the ESL panel so they should be way more efficient.
  12. Brandon Hartwick

    Aerius i silent panels

    I have the bias check procedure on PDF, I can't attach it here but I can Email it if you give me your address.
  13. Brandon Hartwick

    Media room – quad ML sub setup

    That setup looks great A while ago I was in a local professional audio shop discussing room treatments. The guy I was talking to actually suggested using carpet and blankets hung on the wall over professional sound treatment if you're not looking to spend buckets full of money. I'll bet that...
  14. Brandon Hartwick

    For Sale SAE amps, pre-amp & tuner

    I have a complete SAE system with 2 power amps, a tuner and matching pre-amp. I have this listed on Canuck Audio Mart and would love to find a new home for all this stuff. I'm doubt anyone on here is interested but it's taking up space and I don't really have a good use for them. If they...
  15. Brandon Hartwick

    For Sale Sequel II repair kit

    Somebody better buy this before I do, $400 for panels and power supplies is basically giving them away. I will hold off as someone probably actually needs these.
  16. Brandon Hartwick

    The ohms Trick

    I know everyone has an opinion on this, but if you're shopping for second hand amps I can't speak highly enough of the older class AB Jeff Rowland amps. They push lots of current and more importantly they're rock solid stable, the aggressive impedance curve of electrostatics won't be a problem...
  17. Brandon Hartwick

    Monolith3 Replacement Woofers

    That's exactly how it's done, go for it.
  18. Brandon Hartwick

    Aragon 4004 Mk II

    More power with stable loads will always help electrostatics. I have the same speakers and they definitely like high quality (more importantly) stable amplification to work at there best. I'm not sure about your electronics skill level, but what if I told you there's still much better bass to...
  19. Brandon Hartwick

    Friday chillin…

    I love the LEDs behind the speakers, can you show how you have all that mounted? I've been looking for ideas for diffused lighting behind my speakers similar to what you've got going on here.
  20. Brandon Hartwick

    How does rake adjustment affect sonics?

    The biggest recommendation is just to mess around with placement and make sure to record your results. I have found my Aerius I speakers react to placement much different than any other speaker I've used, so don't be afraid to try some placements that might seem counterintuitive.