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  1. User211

    Hi-Fi News Neolith Review

    Neolith review just popped through the door in the form of Hi-Fi News and Record Review. Priced higher in the UK than I would have thought. £80K. Ken Kessler endeavours to say that is good value. He rates it 90%. The technical report is far from good - but I think the FR measurements are far...
  2. User211

    Accuphase M-60 Power Amps from 1975.

    Had a pair for a couple of weeks. If ever there was a lesson that there hasn't been much in the way of progress in solid state amps these are surely a good one. I'm currently rating them above any other class D or transistor amps I have had of the Apogees so far. They may even supersede my 211...
  3. User211

    New Apogee Loudspeaker - Advance 7

    A new Apogee loudspeaker has been announced, built by Graham Keet in Australia. Graham has been making Apogee ribbons since the original company's demise, and has made various complete Apogee speakers too e.g. Synergy and Definitive. There is a pair coming to the UK soon that I expect I will...
  4. User211

    Martin Logan Neolith Versus Apogee Duetta Interstella

    Both shot by the same Sony RX-100. Both playing loud but obviously not volume matched. Play back via your hi-fi system. Don't take it too seriously I just thought it was interesting.
  5. User211

    Xmas Audiophile Chef!

    Some fun Xmas pressies:) EDIT: bad mobile picture that's a chopping board in the guise of an LP. No replies required LOL.
  6. User211

    TIDAL Music Streamng Service Launched Today

    TIDAL Has the support of 16 manufacturers (whatever that really means), a DB of 25 Million tracks and I am checking it out now. Lossless streaming. It seems much better "stocked" than Qobuz, which I will cancel today. Has Android and iOS apps too. Thank the Swedes for this, though why they...
  7. User211

    Silverstone (Whittlebury Hall) Hi-FI Show 2014 Pics

    130 slideshow pics here. Select More->Slideshow from the top menu for bigger versions. Worth it - they are good pics, even though I say so myself. The little Sony RX100 is fab for the money. It's not me - it is the camera. I'm not going to do a report - too busy at the moment. Highlight for me...
  8. User211

    Fess Up To Your Foo!!!

    Bonzo says I need to choose a foo. I'm not that up on foo. So please give me some ideas for successful foo that you either own or have experience off. This foo MUST make no scientific sense. Else is can't be foo, right? Thanks for your contributions in advance:)
  9. User211

    Munich Hi-End 2014 Hi-Fi Show Report

    Getting closer... Met bonzo on the train into Munich. He went to the show later on. Having a beer in the centre of Munich. Off to the show tomoz.
  10. User211

    Very Good Chinese Preamp

    Bought a couple of preamps to play with - I was getting bored, as you do. One of them is an absolute peach. Mobile pic only - but I rate it quite considerably better than the EAR868PL I had a while back, however it doesn't have a phono stage like the EAR did. I'm not sensationalising here - it...
  11. User211

    Silverstone (Whittlebury) UK Hi-Fi Show 2012

    Spent the weekend at a hi-fi show here in England. It was held right by the famous Silverstone race track. I am not entirely sure why, but the sonics were, for the most part, fairly depressing considering the cost of some of the systems. There's no doubt room acoustics play a part, but I have...
  12. User211

    Mandatory Watching - New Ethan Winer Traps Video With Full Frontal Nudity!

    I kind you not. It made me smile big time! Fantastic job. And what a great model - she did it really well!:rocker::rocker::rocker::rocker:
  13. User211

    Martin Logan Panel Repair Available In Germany That is about $550 at current exchange rates...
  14. User211

    Power To The Scintilla!!! Some unrefurbished, below par in need of love & attention Scintillas playing very recently. Notice the lighting.:D Well, I thought it was amusing...:)
  15. User211

    Munich Hi-Fi Show 2012 - Leo Yeh

    Well I'm not there this year - but Leo is, thank god!:) I usually provide a link to where the show photos start, but here's one from the beginning as they are nice pics. Enjoy, as usual.年德國慕尼黑High-End音響展實æ³�å ±å°Ž
  16. User211

    Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2012

    This has to have been, sound wise, the worst hi-fi show I have ever been to. Talk about self-affirming. Nothing there got close to my own system. Many rooms were playing at wisper levels on the Friday. I went again today for a couple of hours and there was at least some volume in some of the...
  17. User211

    Leo Yeh Does CES - Nice Pics!!!

    Shot using a Canon 450D and it looks like processed by Capture One 6, Leo comes up trumps again. Enjoy this chap as usual. His past show coverage pics have been the best I've seen on the web. This isn't quite as good as usual. Still well worth a look. That Orcale Paris DAC looks cool. Plus...
  18. User211

    Spotify in the USA!!!

    Spotify Get yourselves a premium subscription - especially if you have an iPhone. Make sure you have Edit->Preferences->High quality streaming set. 320KBps Ogg Vorbis mode. Not all material is available at this bit rate, but quite a lot is. Not CD quality, but not bad - pretty listenable even...
  19. User211

    $ Value Of Martin Logan Owner's Forum Interesting site - not sure of the accuracy. A UK Hi-Fi forum (general purpose) is valued at $12,000 odd - but it does get a lot more activity.
  20. User211

    Munich Hi-End 2011 Hi-Fi Show

    Hm. I seem to be in Munich, eating Wasabi peanuts and sampling beers by the half litre. It'd be rude not to try fellow German brewing efforts, and I'm not even thinking about the war:D