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  1. STV

    Anyone using KLEI Pure Harmony Phono/RCA Connectors?

    Been looking for some good high quality RCA interconnect cables and came across some that use KLEI Pure Harmony. I noticed that these differ from other brands as the barrel is a type of resin/polymer instead of metal. Are these as good as metal ones? How easy are they to break? And lastly...
  2. STV

    Thinking about buying a Cambridge CXN (V2) streamer, opinions?

    With my 2 channel ML system slowly coming together, I’m currently deciding what components to add. With my Scenario stat panels still many months from being ready to ship to me, I already know I’m getting the Anthem MCA 225 Gen 2 2 channel amp. l will be using my Sunfire TGIII preamp, but...
  3. STV

    Need power cords for Scenarios

    About 10 years ago I purchased a pair of Scripts to use as rear center surrounds. The seller did not have the power cords, so I used the ones from my Scenarios. I’ve been thinking on using the Scenarios in a bedroom setup. But now I have no power cords to use for them. Any suggestions on...
  4. STV

    Some amp suggestions for bedroom system

    Hi everyone! I have not been around here in a very long time. Nice to see many original members still active here. I still have (and am enjoying) my reQuest’s, Theater i, Aerius i’s, and Script’s. I assembled a decent stereo setup in my bedroom. It consists of a pair of Focal Aria...
  5. STV

    Placement tips for Scripts

    Hi everyone, I just got myself a pair of Scripts which I picked up pretty cheap ($600), and I have some questions for all you knowledgeable ML owners. I already removed the Paradigm Mini Monitors I had on the rear wall and now have the Scripts on there. But I have found that the traditional...
  6. STV

    May need some suggestions for some front height speakers

    There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of the Denon AVP-A1HDCI pre/pro (which I own) getting an update to include Audyssey DSX. If this does indeed happen, I'd really like to try it out and see what all the fuss is about. But in order to do that I will have to add a pair of height...
  7. STV

    Ordered a Denon DVD-A1UDCI

    I have been wanting this player ever since I read that they were planning on making it last year. Well now that it's finally a reality, I went ahead and ordered one. Mine will be from the second batch arriving the third week in July. Once I get it I'll share my impressions, and pics of the...
  8. STV

    New breed of HDMI cables

    While many (myself included) have not had any problems with HDMI cables wiggling or slipping out, there are also many who have had this happen. And many have wished that there was a locking type capability for HDMI cables. Well two companies have come out with HDMI cables that offer locking...
  9. STV

    Broadband Internet speeds

    Just curious, what download speeds do you all have? I just switched from Hughes Net satellite which was 1.5 Mbps to DSL at 3.0 Mbps.
  10. STV

    No DRM ultra high quality music downloads

    I was just reading about a new site that is offering flac downloads from various artists. The name of the place is HD Tracks, I downloaded some music from there and am very impressed with the quality. And sometime very soon, they plan to start offering Audiophile 96khz/24bit downloads as well...
  11. STV

    How do I use Exact Audio Copy to rip CD's to FLAC format?

    With anticipation of my upcoming Denon AVP-A1HD, I figured I might as well start ripping my CD's to FLAC on my PC. So I downloaded Exact Audio Copy and tried to rip one CD to FLAC, but after all was done and I checked the music files, they showed that they were WAV. What am I doing wrong...
  12. STV

    What do you all recommend for streaming music, wireless router or CAT 5 cable?

    I just need to know what's the best method of carrying the stream. Just wanting to get things ready ahead of time now that the Denon AVP-A1 is right around the corner. I will be streaming AAC Lossless, FLAC, and WAV from my PC which is located about 40 feet away from my audio setup. What do...
  13. STV

    If cost were no object, what AV gear would you own?

    I know that there are many high quality electronics and speakers available that are bargain priced (by audiophile standards that is ;)), that sound phenomenal. And many of us love them. But what if you could buy "any" piece of audio/video gear that your heart desired? What stuff would you all...
  14. STV

    Companies that used to make high end gear

    I was going through some old AV magazines and came across some ads for some products that I had forgotten about. This got me thinking, I remember back when manufacturers like Philips, Nakamichi, Proton, etc. used to make some pretty high end gear. And Philips, the co inventor of the Compact...
  15. STV

    Could this be the Holy Grail of A/V processors?

    Many years ago Denon had products that catered to the higher end market. Then they just dropped it to go for more mainstream all in one receivers and such. Well it looks like they are returning to their high end glory days with two new products that are tentatively scheduled for release in...
  16. STV

    Got a Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray player and it is awesome!

    Got it yesterday and I have to say it knocked my socks off! First off the player is slim, quiet and very good looking (kinda sounds like I'm describing a woman;) LOL! Well I'm happy to say that this player is more than just another pretty face. The features, user friendliness, and most...
  17. STV

    Grand Prix HD DVD

    Title: Grand Prix Year of Release:2006 Film Studio: Warner Bros Genre: Racing, Drama Running Time: 177 minutes Detailed review of recording: Welcome to the world of Formula 1 race car driving! This film captures the adrenaline and the drama that is formula 1 racing. John Frankenheimer (Ronin)...
  18. STV

    Need a good high quality UPS for my Sony 70XBR2, any suggestions?

    While I am enjoying my Sony 70XBR2 very much, I often fear that some power outage is going to wreck havoc on the TV's lamp :eek: . When the TV is turned off normally the fan stays on for a good 3 minutes to give sufficient time for the lamp to cool off. But in the event of a power outage the...
  19. STV

    Tommy Castro-Right As Rain

    Tommy Castro Right As Rain 1999 Blind Pig Records Genre: Blues/Soul Artist Info: Tommy Castro is a Bay Area bluesman who's accomplished guitar playing has been widely praised, drawing comparisons to Stevie Ray Vaughan and Duane Allman. This is his fourth release on Blind Pig Records. General...
  20. STV

    James Hunter- People Gonna Talk

    James Hunter People Gonna Talk 2006 Rounder Records Genre: R&B/Soul Artist Info: James Hunter is a British R&B and Soul singer with a vintage early 1960s sounding style to his music. General Comments I ran across this artist one day as I was searching the net for cool new music and decided...