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    New Member

    Welcome aboard! I trail you by about 20 years, and still hope to retire in the Vancouver area (on the island, actually). While I (sorta) get the allure of tube amps, I'm also a bit of a pragmatist - for your first ML set up, I'd recommend going with some straight-forward, easy to maintain...
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    Which receiver to buy

    Short answer - No. See my reply to your other post of the same question
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    Is my receiver adequate

    Hi In the case of the ESLs (including Theos and/or other ESL-panel-based speakers), you will need a very solid amp. You can keep your Pioneer receiver, but DO NOT drive the panels with it. You have a decent chance of damaging one-or-the-other, if not both. Find an amp that has a stated...
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    what amp to use with Renaissance 15a

    Hi Just a couple of quick comments/observations. I've been working with & collecting bits of Hi-Fi for a long time... amps are generally an item that if you can test (or if you are protected by policy), it is a fairly safe bet buying on the second-hand market. My go-to for amping my ESLs has...
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    WTB binding posts

    Sorry, don't have any.. BUT, I do have a question... are those grid-like objects on the top of the woofer enclosure (behind the panels) cat-deterrent devices? if so, where did you get 'em? Russ
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    what amp to use with Renaissance 15a

    How do the Boulder 2160 and 1160 compare to the Boulder AE500's?
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    what amp to use with Renaissance 15a

    I'll chime in with my usual 2c... Bryston 4B-ST, 4BSST, etc. They're rated at 250W/channel into 8, and scale well to the low impedances offered up by the MLs. You can (with patience) find a second-hand 4B-ST for about $1,000 (Ebay, Audiogon, etc.). The newer models are quite a bit more...
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    Sanders ESL Amplifiers

    Just to confirm - you sprayed (I'm assuming "misting" with straight/neat Simple Green", then rinsed off with distilled water? I have an older pair of Aerius and one panel has developed an occasional "zzzt"... Thanks Russ
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    Theater ESL Panel crackle at high volume

    Anyone tried the Theater /(i), Stage and C18? I started off with a Cinema, then got a used Theater (which needs new tweeters AND panel... I think), and am now sporting a used Stage, which I quite like. How does the C18 compare?
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    Theater ESL Panel crackle at high volume

    Sorry to bug you - was wondering if you spoke to ML about "bespoke" reconditioning of Theater panels if you send them in and are will to wait? Thanks! Russ
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    surround receiver

    You can look at the Anthem MRX range (740, 1140).. they are owned by the same "umbrella" corp as ML (Paradigm). I've been doing that for a while, but will be going back to separates quite soon, using the Anthem AVM Pre/Pro (I hung on to my power amps when I "downsized"... now that I'm single...
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    My apartment setup

    Damn! That'll rock!
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    Sanders ESL Amplifiers

    Good question(s)! Following...
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    Cheap solid state stereo power amp to drive 13a's for ocasional HT use (to save tube life of main amp)

    You could probably find a used Bryston 4B NRB or 4B ST for less than the kind of coin you're talking about... might even find a 4B ^3 (cubed). Their stuff has a 20 year warranty, and they are (or were) distributed and serviced in the UK by PMC.
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    For Sale Martin Logan Odyssey's for Sale (REDUCED)

    Thanks for reaching out! Russ
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    Theater ESL Panel crackle at high volume

    Did you get hold of ML about sending a panel in for them to refurbish?
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    Ear Pain from ESL's.

    Some nice reading: Here's a link to an Anthem reseller/distributor in Oz. As mentioned above, the parent company (Paradigm) of Anthem bought ML almost 2 decades ago. It will work, be musical, and probably cost #2,500 -...