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  1. J

    Newbie here, Saying "hi" and asking nub questions.

    togo - I thoroughly enjoyed my Denon AVR powering ML's before going seperates. Sounds like the latest models have come a long ways as well so would be a good starting point. That being said I probably wouldn't go back :D Jasper
  2. J

    Bi-Amping with Sunfire Cinema Grand???

    timm - You mention that you went back to current/voltage from v/v - was there a discernable diff? Also - Jonfo - I just checked and they DON'T have any XLR Y adapters so your post is coming in very handy for all of us; I'm currently waiting on my XLR (straight) cables to arrive...
  3. J

    Bi-Amping with Sunfire Cinema Grand???

    Thanks JonFo - I didn't get the impression that the Balanced input was tied to the RCA jacks (seemed like it was kinda either/or). Will see what comes out (guessing I'll know pretty quick if no signal :eek:). Thanks again all - will be back with a report out... wish me luck.
  4. J

    Bi-Amping with Sunfire Cinema Grand???

    I went through the manuals (and the link info you guys posted). Yes I regressed back to RTFM. :rolleyes: Looks like I would need to go and bridge the inputs to another channel to truely Bi-Amp. I probably didn't describe my set-up well enough - sorry for the confusion. Here's my current plan...
  5. J

    Bi-Amping with Sunfire Cinema Grand???

    Thanks guys. I guess I shouldn't be suprised at this point w/ Sunfire. They make some good stuff! Appreciate the feedback - I'll now take my upgrade in another direction. :bowdown:
  6. J

    Bi-Amping with Sunfire Cinema Grand???

    Hmmm, Okay. That kinda makes sense (without going into the circuit diagram :D). Any thoughts on moving the woofers from the main(s) output to another channel on the CG (currently powering L/R surround, I figure these could go to the back-up amp. Sounds like I may see some gain but maybe not...
  7. J

    Bi-Amping with Sunfire Cinema Grand???

    On the Sunfire Cinema Grand there are outputs for both Current and Voltage sources. As recommended from the dealer I have the current source conected to the panel (high/mid) jacks on my [ML] SL3s and the voltage source connected to the woofer (both from the respective L/R output chanels on my...
  8. J

    What PreAmp and Amp do I use for ML 7.1 Setup?

    My 0.02 - (and lesson learned)... Agree with the previous reply's, you'll defintiely enjoy the system more if you don't skimp on the amp/pre. Since you've put the money into the speakers give some thought to the system you want and then the best way to get there. May need to think out a few...
  9. J

    New member, long Aerius i owner

    ak- first off welcome. I don't know that I can be much help w/ amp - I'm actually somewhat looking for one myself. Tons O' info in this site though that I've found useful. I'm running Aerius as surrounds now with a Logos Center (SL3 mains). I really like the sound from the Logos as most of...
  10. J

    New to the site

    Welcome! (isn't it nice to know you're not the only one who gets sucked in to ML's?) Yes it's a cruel fate but ENJOY! :D Jasper
  11. J

    Crinkle in membrane

    Crinkle... I actually just noticed a crinkle in my SL3's last night - although mine are ~8yrs old (guessing not under warranty ;-P). Thanks for the info all - at this point I'm just going to keep an eye on it unless I notice it getting worse or affecting sound. Jasper...
  12. J

    Surround matching to ML? (Newbie)

    Thanks Jonathan! Appreciate the advice. I hadn't even started thinking about whether to use the Aerius as side vs. rear/Back in a 7.1 setup - Don't worry - I'm sure I'll swap them back and forth a few times once I figure out what speakers I'm buying. >:-) Probably more just to play and see...
  13. J

    Surround matching to ML? (Newbie)

    Thnx, I've been poking around ML website, just wondering if the in-walls is a huge step down. Ideally I'd get another pair of aerius but looks like people are holding onto them :D Anyone done a comparison?
  14. J

    Surround matching to ML? (Newbie)

    First off - some truley amazing systems posted on this site. I Love my system and my MLs but admit to drooling over some of these set-ups... :bowdown: Currently have a ML Surround system ~ 90% HT listening & am looking to go to 7.1. Wondering what people think about surround matching w/ ML's...