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    Any other Stern fans here?? Crackhead Bob is dead...

    RIP Crackhead Bob! Many Wack Packers leaving too soon. Deceased Wack Packers Bigfoot (Matthew McGrory) Blue Iris Celestine Cliff Palete (Lynn Zimmermann) George "Crackhead Bob" Harvey Eric the Actor (formerly Eric the Midget) Fruity Nutcake (formerly Rappin' Granny) Hank the Angry Drunken...

    Port Wine

    Dave, I saw on another wine thread that Fonseca Bin 27 is your everyday porto, it is mine as well. Paired it with a chocolate fudge brownie torte last night for dessert and it was quite a nice pairing.

    Wine & Cheese Thread

    Had this little beauty last night alongside a kona coffee crusted filet. On the deck sipping on this crisp white as I type.

    'Coffe & Cars'

    Rich, she is a beauty congrats!!

    Port Wine

    Dave, i have a couple bottles of the Quinta Do Vale Meao in my cellar and actually enjoyed a glass last Saturday with a Montecristo Media Noche Edmundo on the deck. When I bought these bottles the wine guy turned me onto another dessert wine called Alvear Pedro Jimenez de Anada which, while a...

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Loving this album of covers from Maddy Bailey, check out her acoustic version of Titanium.

    Very Sad Day!

    The Allsop I got, unbeknownst to me, is also a stereo set-up test disc as well as a lens cleaner so it does a cleaning and then moves into a bunch of audio test tracks. I guess I could put it on play and repeat on the cleaning section for 10 minutes. It is pretty consistent in that it plays the...

    Very Sad Day!

    Okay I finally got the Allsop lens cleaner and ran it through twice last night, but still have the same issue. The Krell plays the first few tracks and then it starts to skip as it gets deeper into the CD. It was worth a shot and I really appreciate the advice. How delicate an operation is it to...

    Very Sad Day!

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys will see what I can do to salvage what was my favorite component I purchased over the years.

    Very Sad Day!

    My Krell kps-20i CD player started to skip over the weekend so I reached out to Krell to see if there was anything I could do to try to fix it myself or if it would need to go back for service. They informed me that they are no longer servicing any of their machines with Phillips drives due to...

    Obama should say I am sorry for being a liar the last 3 years about your Healthcare.

    So, I always stay out of these political discussions, primarily because they are all circuitous arguments that no one on an audio board is going to solve. However, the continued finger pointing at the pharma industry as the big bad evil is an uneducated and uninformed point that I feel I need to...

    Help With Descent Sub

    I tried your "advise" and still have a hum. Will need to call ML to see if they can offer a solution.

    line of work

    Pharmaceutical marketing director currently in job search. Welcome any leads toward a new position. Thanks

    Acoustic Treatment on Fox & Friends Morning Show?

    My wife is a huge Fox news fan so I am subjected daily to their "fair & balanced" reporting:ROFL: I noticed what appears to be some very cool 3-D acoustic treatments on the left & right side of the back wall behind the couch. Anyone have any idea if those are a commercially available...

    System #464 (Summit)

    We built the house so we pre-wired everything in the walls and we estimated where the speakers would be on the front wall and had the electrician install an outlet behind each speaker so the power cords are hidden.

    for the Love of a good Cigar !!

    So I'm reading the December issue of Cigar Aficionado magazine last night while lying in bed and I come across a picture in the back of the magazine that I know I have seen before. Now I'm lying awake in bed trying to remember where I've seen that image before and about 3:00 AM this morning my...

    Help With Descent Sub

    Thanks. When i unplug the cable to the woofer the noise stops and will not make any noise for a day or two, but when plugged back in then the hum starts again. All of the equipment in the rack and subwoofer is plugged into a power conditioner which is plugged into a dedicated 20 amp circuit. The...

    Help With Descent Sub

    When I came home today I heard a weird low rumble in the house when I approached the subwoofer that low rumble turned into a loud roar. I quickly unplugged the whole system and powered it up again with the same result. Can anyone provide any advice as to what might be going on with the sub?

    'Coffe & Cars'

    Just to name a few; Peet's Major Dickason's Blend Black Cat Espresso Roast Caribou Reindeer Blend

    'Coffe & Cars'

    Nice ride! We had one of these in the ATL, it got so large they had to hire the police to direct traffic in and out of the Starbucks parking lot. As with all things that get large there started to be problems with people doing burn outs, racing in the parking lot, harassing customers, etc., so...