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    Adding Speakers - Recommendations

    Looking to expand my existing 5.1 setup to a 5.1.4 and I'm looking for some opinions on which smaller, budget friendly-ish speakers to add. My existing setup that was spec'd out by the guys at Magnolia/Best Buy around 5 years ago is a Motion 30 center channel, Dynamo 700 sub, ML-67i in-ceiling...
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    Need Input on Speaker Layout

    Wow I had to look up the Stage X and Focus units to see what you were talking about and those things are sweet. Just way out of my price range right now lol. I think I'm probably another week or two out from getting everything installed. We're in the middle of a small remodel and need to wait...
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    Need Input on Speaker Layout

    I figured that's what you meant but I don't see how you could do that. The Motion 30 is pretty heavy and it's 10-1/2" deep without any mounting points anywhere in the housing which is why I mentioned doing a small shelf or something along those lines. Mine's still in the box but here's a Google...
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    Need Input on Speaker Layout

    Thanks for the feedback. I can definitely play around with the ceiling speaker locations and do 8' apart in the front and 12' in the rear. I think I had read somewhere that it's best to keep them the distance apart and that's why I was planning on both being 10' apart. Like you pointed out...
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    Need Input on Speaker Layout

    Hey Everyone, I'm replacing an older Samsung all-in-one home theater with a new ML setup and was looking for some input on my speaker layout before I go ahead and start cutting holes in my ceiling. The current plan is to use a Motion 30 for the center, a pair of ML-67I's for the front surrounds...
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    New Member From California

    Hey Everyone, New to the forum and first time ML owner. Looking forward to learning and getting some help maximizing my HT system. -Anthony