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  1. Big Dog RJ

    IsoAcoustics GAIA II Isolators, My Take

    Yep! Roger that captain! Cheers, and do enjoy those fine tunes! RJ
  2. Big Dog RJ

    Speaker Cable Questions

    Agree 110% ! And why I say 110%... is because every Nordost accessory I've tried is not just 100% fantastic but elevates it even further 10%, so overall 110%. I admire the Odin's and Valhalla series but simply can't afford. Therefore I've settled on Frey2 and Tyr2 cables at this stage. I must...
  3. Big Dog RJ

    IsoAcoustics GAIA II Isolators, My Take

    Yes, in fact I did that with the spikes on the CLX's, took them to Bunnings (similar to Home Depot, Timber & Hardware etc). Then took that to the dealer who supplied the Iso Acoustics brand, by the time I got to his place, which was quite a drive in bloody traffic!... he tells me, "oh! You're...
  4. Big Dog RJ

    IsoAcoustics GAIA II Isolators, My Take

    I'm also trying to get the Gaia's on the BF210 sub... but my ML dealer is still trying to figure out the thread size. Unfortunately he doesn't carry the Iso-Acoustics line of accessories, probably needs to order from the supplier or another dealer that represents the product. Hence, probably not...
  5. Big Dog RJ

    IsoAcoustics GAIA II Isolators, My Take

    G'day mate, The overall difference in using the Gaia's is based on the principles of coupling the speakers. Whether it's de-coupling or coupling is immaterial as long as the end result is audible. When I fitted them first, I noticed a much lower noise floor, very smooth bass lines and more...
  6. Big Dog RJ

    Speaker Cable Questions

    *sorry I spelt "winning" wrong... Must be the 🍷 😁 cheers, RJ
  7. Big Dog RJ

    Speaker Cable Questions

    Sounds like you found a wining combination! Now just sit back and enjoy those fine tunes! Cheers, RJ
  8. Big Dog RJ

    System #460 (CLX)

    Cheers Robbo mate! I certainly do believe you're enjoying some very fine tunes, especially with the CJ pre-power combination and Nordost cables, as you said, you're in heaven! Your room (batcave) now looks much neater and tidy, compared to when I first saw it... good stuff, keep up the good...
  9. Big Dog RJ

    Expression 13A, Source, Motion series Atmos tops and sides

    Good stuff mate! Well done on the room and specifically designed for HT and 2ch music. I always tend to forget how well designed those Expression 13A's are, give them plenty of space and matching quality in gear, and they will perform supremely well! The Summit-X were really good, until the new...
  10. Big Dog RJ

    Speaker Cable Questions

    One more small point of 50cts worth; It obviously depends on system gear and especially the speakers, without a doubt. For example, when I had the CLSIIz's driven by CJ's Premier 11A and a VTL preamp, the Nordost Red Dawn speaker cables & Blue Heaven interconnects, although quite good, still...
  11. Big Dog RJ

    Speaker Cable Questions

    Hi mate, just wanted to add another 50cts worth on Nordost, since that's what I use. The Leif series is there lowest end, so within that price range there's plenty more options. As you're well aware, it's all about synergy and finding the right balance. Your ears, your system = personal...
  12. Big Dog RJ

    Speaker Cable Questions

    G'day Andrew, greetings from down unda. Very nice combination there btw, Expression 13A's partnered with the Pass Labs INT60, really tops! With regards to cables, you're definitely on the right track! Reading through your post, you mention neutrality and cables getting out of the way, not...
  13. Big Dog RJ

    ML uses inadequate power cables?

    That's why it is so important to get the balance right. For example, there's simply no sense in spending 10grand on gear and 40grand on accessories...and I've come across a few the other way round as well. Reviewers will highly recommend all sorts of gear and accessories that sound fabulous...
  14. Big Dog RJ

    Conrad Johnson Amp with ESL9s

    Very glad to hear it worked out well. After all, the Prem11A was one of those top line amplifiers that CJ produced under the Premier marquee. They held strong for many decades and is an absolute delight to own. It has all the Classic tube sound that CJ was known for and its musicality is...
  15. Big Dog RJ

    Want to purchase ESL 13A (Used or New)

    Now that's one outstanding furry fella! Almost human like face! What's not to love... Other than ML's stats of course! Yes, I understand your changes in priorities. Fair enough. Music and high quality reproduction is a very important part of my life, it's more like a form of therapy than...
  16. Big Dog RJ

    Want to purchase ESL 13A (Used or New)

    Yeah, I was wondering the same... Maybe the wife really loves the dog... in which case he must really love the wife... so the 13A's have to go. Or must be a big dog! WOOF!!! RJ
  17. Big Dog RJ

    Nordost price increase January 1st.

    Nice one mate! My local Melb Nordost dealer, also uses the Vidar. Definitely a must have gadget for every Nordost dealer! As very correctly pointed out above, the Nordost cables and accessories are really top notch stuff. They're pricey and they're fancy but if you ever get a chance to try any...
  18. Big Dog RJ

    Ayre V5xe vs. Mac MC452

    Yeah, very old thread... in 2012 I was visiting the Sth East Asian region, discovering the Statements Evo-II's and Infinity's IRSV'S. In that part of the woods, there were two dealers who now use Ayre monoblocks and the MC462 on their Maggie's 30.7's. I was very impressed with the way Ayre...
  19. Big Dog RJ

    Once in a lifetime barn find.

    Ha! That's a good one. I was just on the phone with my mate the other day, and I asked him about the Statements drivers. So it seems that during the initial days, ML didn't use aluminium drivers /cones, rather some other type of material. Over time, especially in tropical climes these slowly...
  20. Big Dog RJ

    Howdy from San Diego

    Now that's a great write up of Magnepan world, and yes it is very labour intensive. As a former dealer having put together various systems for music lovers, Maggie's were our number one selling panel. Stats and Apogee's didn't quite last too long in tropical climes... wires corroding, adhesives...