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  1. JonFo

    Monolith II owners manual with specs?

    Thanks, I've pinged the folks at ML. One question remains: What are the differences between the I and the II? These docs don't shed much light on that.
  2. JonFo

    Panel discharge duration

    I'd wait an hour, but that's all. This is mostly to keep the panel from attracting particles in the packing materials from sticking to the diaphragm. Once unboxed, I'd recommend a good vacuuming of the panels before reconnecting anything.
  3. JonFo

    ReQuest bad panel or what?

    Thanks for that link, and congrats on the refurbished/improved ReQuests. The above quote (translated by Google) from the link provided is amusing to me, as I've said that for years here. The large coil used in the bass XO is a likely source of problems, making the low-end flabby, but the higher...
  4. JonFo

    New Member with Monolith ii, Infrasub-12 pro, Rogers EHF-100, Bluesound

    Sure thing. You might want to read this thread in detail, as I believe the differences between I and II were much more minor than in the III series.
  5. JonFo

    Diffusion/Absorption or both?

    Many more comments on a newer post with these exact questions by the OP here: Absorption or Diffusion? Locking this one to prevent further difussion of the topic (lame pun, I know).
  6. JonFo

    Monolith II owners manual with specs?

    Even MartinLogan would appreciate a copy as well: Monolith II
  7. JonFo

    New Member with Monolith ii, Infrasub-12 pro, Rogers EHF-100, Bluesound

    As someone who wound up ditching the original ML woofers on my Monolith III's after 14 years of operation, I think your best option is to replace both of them with model recommended by ML. Your Monolith II has a passive XO built-in, but there are options for how to use it with bi-amplification...
  8. JonFo

    Monolith3 Replacement Woofers

    You will be fine with the 300Hz, the delta from 330 is minimal.
  9. JonFo

    Help w/Martin Logan Stylos Circuit Board

    You can try contacting Russ Knotts, listed in our guide to repair sites: Index of Speaker mods and audio repair services
  10. JonFo

    what amp to use with Renaissance 15a

    Seconded. I have the ESL amp, and it drives my Monolith panels directly (no passive crossover), so one of the most difficult loads around, and it hardly breaks a sweat. Never get beyond mildly warm. I'll never replace it. Just will keep adding more of them for the rest of the speakers in my...
  11. JonFo

    Absorption or Diffusion?

    Since 'first reflection points' was raised here and recently on one of the FB ML fans groups, I will post my thoughts here, so they persist longer than the nanosecond they last on FB. Given the line-source radiating pattern of the ESL, coupled with the fact we toe-in the speakers, the sound...
  12. JonFo

    Absorption or Diffusion?

    All of the above. Absorption behind the front three speakers, abfusion behind the rear speakers, and 3D Diffusion between the rear speakers, which primarily impacts the front speakers reflections off the rear wall. Massive bass absorption in the rear corners and lighter stuff on most exposed...
  13. JonFo

    Martin Logan Vantage Amp board

    Yep, this is the answer. A $400 Crown DriveCore XLS 1002 will do what the OP needs. It has built-in DSP crossovers and EQ abilities. Simply configure a low-pass at 400Hz using a 24dB/Octave slope. Set volume levels so they match the panel output. Inside the speaker, disconnect the feed to the...
  14. JonFo

    Ear Pain from ESL's.

    The specs show it does not double the output at half the impedance, so it likely can't drive the lower impedance in the higher frequencies well. Possibly even going into distortion modes. Distortion in the higher frequencies can be damaging and painful. But most ESL 'listening fatigue' is...
  15. JonFo

    Sold ML Monolith 3x Active crossover.

    This is a very nice set, and has the rare factory active crossover for those who are not technical, a major feature, as it is much better than the passive variant. If anyone has ever lusted for a Neolith but balks at the six-figure price, this is a great stand-in, as it has the same panel size...
  16. JonFo

    Hello from Georgia

    Correct, it probably does not like the complex load of the 3-way crossover in the Mosaic. The impedance is listed as 5 Ohms; most receivers struggle with < 6. ATF (Advanced Thin Film) was a planar-type driver before their switch to the Folded Motion AMT-style drivers. AMT = Air Motion...
  17. JonFo

    Monolith3 Replacement Woofers

    It would be best to use RCA-to-RCA in this scenario, as you gain nothing compared to XLR with a conversion back to unbalanced. So save your money, and just get a set from this page: Subwoofer Cables from Blue Jeans Cable
  18. JonFo

    Hello from Georgia

    Great advice for ESL owners, but in this case, the Mosaic uses ATF transducers, so less of a challenge for an amp. But I will say, even for non-ESL, an external amp of sufficient quality and power will result in better overall results.
  19. JonFo

    Do you have the "mid bass" switched on or off?

    This is extremely room and placement dependent, so even if 90% say 'position X', it might not be the correct setting for your setup.
  20. JonFo

    Monolith panel removal

    Hi Brian, I replied to your DM with more detail. For the rest, this thread post from when I updated my panels and woofers describes the process I used: Monolith refresh - Panels, woofers and rail stain updates