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  1. stesom

    Heading to Lawrence to listen to the CLX!!

    Sweet Have fun......between this and the US Open I don't know what is more exciting.......Steve
  2. stesom


    Good for you the Ayre MX-Rs are a great match for the Summits but I am biased since I also have a pair......Enjoy.....Steve
  3. stesom

    What hdmi cable would be best at around $100?

    Agree that as long as the cable is rated to the HDMI spec and certified as such then spending too much money is just that.......Steve i got mine here:
  4. stesom

    Panel vacuuming observation

    Clean them right now!!! I cannot get over how much better my Summits sounded after I cleaned them. It had been over a year since I bought them new and you would never know by looking at them that they were dirty. Don't wait another second it is well worth it.......Steve
  5. stesom

    If you had to choose a NON planar speaker, what would it be?

    Wilson MAXX IIs and done.......Steve
  6. stesom

    How satisfied are you with your Martin Logan system for 2ch listening?

    The 9000 is my first Shelter cartridge so I cannot compare it to the 90x. I found the 9000 to be very neutral throughout the frequency range with a lot of detail but not over the top high end. Base was solid and full and I felt that it was giving me everything that the record had on it. I am...
  7. stesom

    How satisfied are you with your Martin Logan system for 2ch listening?

    I did compare the CD7 to the new Wadia, Esoteric, MacIntosh and Ayre. All of these units are great, but there was such a great match between it and the ARC REF 3 that the sound was getting as close to real as I ever had heard it. As commented above, I feel that my speakers are now the limiting...
  8. stesom

    How satisfied are you with your Martin Logan system for 2ch listening?

    You have nothing to be jealous over, you have a fantastic system, but thanks....Steve
  9. stesom

    How satisfied are you with your Martin Logan system for 2ch listening?

    About as good as it can get!!! 1. Steve's System v 18.3; as of 7/29/2007 2. Audio Research Reference CD 7->Audio Research Reference 3 Pre->Ayre MX-R Monos -> ML Summits. All balanced AudioQuest Jaguar Interconnects and AudioQuest Pikes Peak Speaker Cables 3. 9/10 4. At this point there is...
  10. stesom

    Great cheap tweak

    Could not agree more and that is my next upgrade. I know I am not getting the most out of my system right now and will be looking into room treatment/tuning in the next month or so.......Steve
  11. stesom

    Great cheap tweak

    I have better than stock power cords, but I could not tell the difference between $100 power cords and $600 power cords and yes I did try them to see. There are folks selling power cords for 1000s of dollars and at this point feel that is just crazy. I also am using a Richard Gray's 1200...
  12. stesom

    Great cheap tweak

    Just to clarify, typical 15 amp circuits run on 14 guage wire and 20 amp circuits run on 12 guage. I do agree that it is good to run a well constructed power cord of equal guage to the circuit, but I personally think it is silly to spend any more than 100 bucks for 6-8 feet to get good wire and...
  13. stesom

    New Preamp is here!

    Could not agree more with you......just throw in a REF CD7 and your done :D .....Steve
  14. stesom

    New Preamp is here!

    Dems dere fightin words!!!! :mad:
  15. stesom

    New Preamp is here!

    Joey don't stop there just jump to ARC REF-3 and PH-7 and b done for a few years :D Only kidding, congrats on the latest upgrade sit and enjoy it a few days before upgrading again :eek: ..........Steve
  16. stesom

    New Vantges, initial impressions

    Yes he does but he has a way to catch up to me I have 20+ years living with this illness and I am only on my second wife ;)
  17. stesom

    Opinions on Summits vs Vantages?

    I understand about break-in. But Vantages will never be Summits just as Wilson WP8s will never be MAXX IIs. So it depends on what one holds important. If you have the money and your taste can descriminate the difference, then Summits are the way to go. The Vantages are fine speakers and I am...
  18. stesom

    System #89 (Summit)

    Updated Pics Need to replace TV with 65" plasma them move the equipment onto proper stands down below the TV and out of the way of the speakers :D Steve
  19. stesom

    Opinions on Summits vs Vantages?

    I have Summits and 2 subs. Subs will still help even with the Summits base response. The Summits will play louder before becoming compressed. If you do not wish to create realistic volume with large scale music or rock, then I expect the Vantages will be fine. I had Vantages for a week and...
  20. stesom

    Opinions on Summits vs Vantages?

    If you have the money get the Summits, you will have no regrets. Its only a couple of weeks and will be worth it..............Steve