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  1. twodogs112

    Cheap solid state stereo power amp to drive 13a's for ocasional HT use (to save tube life of main amp)

    I looked at them, still new tech for home audio. Good ones are very pricey. The tech is proven though. Hence the crown xli 1500. Check the used markets for a deal. Class d is probably my next amp. Benefits far outweigh any drawbacks for me.
  2. twodogs112

    2021 new gen Apple tv 4k Dolby Atmos Problems

    Interesting post, been following for some time now. I have never been able to run my ht setup in Dolby with my Apple TV . Either the latest generation or the last one. Just running in 7 channel stereo on my Yamaha 2000 reciever(used as a preamp/decoder) just figured that’s just the way it is...
  3. twodogs112

    Cheap solid state stereo power amp to drive 13a's for ocasional HT use (to save tube life of main amp)

    +1 on the Adcom 555, I used one for years on my stats. Accoustat, ml areius( I think. , I have to many) clarity, and original cinema. Recently using a crown xli 1500 with no problems. Sounds great for now. Probably will upgrade in the future, when we are done with renovations and outfitting our...
  4. twodogs112

    Hello to all.

    Awesome set up, I wouldn’t change a thing.
  5. twodogs112

    Recommended Network Streamer For Amazon Music?

    I got the node a few weeks ago. Had some difficulty setting up( my fault). Now it works great. You’ll love it.
  6. twodogs112

    KLH Model Nine’s Incoming

    Oh man , what a lucky guy. Now I want a pair! Just kidding, my wife would kill me. Enjoy your listening.
  7. twodogs112

    Obsessive hobbies....

    You are right about panerai. They used modified Swiss and other movements in most of their watches. However, in some of their “works of art” they made their own. You are lucky to have a Pam 50. The prices were at their low about 3 years ago. I almost bought a Pam sub. But got talked out of if...
  8. twodogs112

    Obsessive hobbies....

    That’s what happens today. Most watches built today use a throwaway movement that costs less than $10. Exceptions abound however they are very expensive. Look at products like Rolex, panerai, Patek Philippe, blancpan, and several others. The upshot with a fine timepiece is that it will last for...
  9. twodogs112

    Obsessive hobbies....

    Wow, what a setup. I’m a gamer and I have never seen any thing like this, well done. With regards to the watch making questions. I am a retired master jeweler and I have had the opportunity to attend some watchmaker classes. Now days it’s all done with very specialized machinery. There are a...
  10. twodogs112

    Best US Site to Sell Used Audio Equipment?

    You’re right. Never thought of that. “ no power cord, box or manual “ is a real tip off. Thanks for the advice.
  11. twodogs112

    Audio Gear 'Hoarding'

    Lurch490, any of those goodies for sale. Always looking, sometimes buying!!! Why wife would kill me, but the dogs won’t tell!
  12. twodogs112

    Martin Logan 13A's and a subwoofer pairing question.

    Thank you for clarification. I might try this in the future. Enjoy your new amp.
  13. twodogs112

    Martin Logan 13A's and a subwoofer pairing question.

    Bdh55, how did you add a subwoofer to your center channel? I’m using a ml cinema center, running off a Rotel amp. Using a Yamaha 2000 reciever as a ht preamp. I have two subs, only using one in ht mode. Having a sub in the center is a great idea. Thanks.
  14. twodogs112

    ESL X and Schiit Aegir

    From what I understand, it has to do with the impedance variations whom the electronics of the crossover. Kinda the same thing as a bridged amp. I really considered their products and a lot of people are happy with them. They are just not my thing, and not worth the risk( amp or speakers). I’m...
  15. twodogs112

    ESL X and Schiit Aegir

    As a long time owner of ml speakers and electrostatic speakers, I would like to inject my 2 cents worth. The comment about “powered” refers to the electrostatic panel( it’s charged by electricity). I have found that while lower power amps will work in general. For example I started with a quad...
  16. twodogs112

    New Speaker Day

    Oops, now I know what you mean by Finn’s krall. It’s dianna krall ( the singer). Wonderful female vocalist. Darn spellcheck.
  17. twodogs112

    Ciao from Italy

    Thanks for the invite, will keep it in mind, when things calm down. Great ideas. Keep in touch. Twodogs112 ( my handle on Xbox) and I do have two dogs. A westie and a one eyed beagle.
  18. twodogs112

    Ciao from Italy

    Thanks for the suggestions, once the renovations on our house are over, I’ll try it. Right now my wife and I are living in our living room. My hi fi is barely usable. Can’t even see it!!! Where are you in Italy, my wife wants to go see where her grandparents grew up. It’s on the eastern...
  19. twodogs112

    Ciao from Italy

    One note, with your speakers, you could go to a marble counter top supplier and have them cut two slabs to fit under your speakers. Put rubber feet under the slabs to prevent damage to the floor. The added mass/weight will cut down on any feedback. Much less expensive than some audio product and...