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    Integrated amp advice for ML

    I have been researching integrated amps to pair with my Ethos + SVS SB3000 and i think i have a winner but wanted some input. I would like to move up in quality and simplify so a nice integrated is attractive. I have a Juicy music Peach II tube preamp, CIA VDA-2 DAC and B&K 200.2. 2 channel...
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    New GaN amplifiers?

    Anyone heard the new GaN amplifier from Peachtree? The Peachtree GaN400 specifically, their website describes the amp as having State-of-the-art GaNFETs (Gallium Nitride Field-Effect Transistors) and it pus out 400 watts per channel for $3K. I am interested in that I would like to see if the...
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    Compact Amp for Ethos

    I am looking a compact amplifier to drive my Ethos and wanted some input. I am considering the Schiit Freya + as the preamp and I am debating between the peach tree amp 500 and the Schiit Vidar. The peachtree is class D and much more powerful on paper. The Vidar is 100 / 200 watts class A/B...
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    Subwoofer for Ethos?

    I am currently using a Klipsch RSW-15 with my Ethos in a 2.1 set up with a mixed use of Music and TV/Movies. Music is my top priority but I do watch movies from time to time in 2.1 Here is my question. I have a tubed preamp (Juicy Music Peach II) and B&K 200.2 amplifier to drive the Ethos...
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    PrimaLuna Integrated

    I currently have the Ethos being driven by a tubed preamp and B&K 200.2 watt solid state amplifier and would like to try a full tube set up. I have read about the Carver 275 (75 watt KT120) and also the PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP Integrated. I have recently had some problems with my...
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    Autoformers vs Direct Coupled?

    I currently have a Sonos - Channel Islands VDA-2 DAC - Juicy Music Peach II Preamp - B&K 200.2 amplifier -ML Ethos set up. I am happy with the overall sound but have thought about simplifying the system and moving the Peach/B&K combo to another room for my previous speakers Klipsch RF-7s and...
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    Dynamo 1500x for 2 Channel?

    I am currently running ML Ethos with a Klipsch RSW-15 subwoofer. The klipsch has a 15" driver and 15" passive radiator. I am happy with the current set up but am selling my RF-7's mains and will likely sell the RSW-15 and RC-7 center as well. Once i sell the RSW-15 I would like to replace the...
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    Peachtree Nova220Se (Nova300)

    I currently have a tubed preamp ($1500) from a Juicy Music and a 15 year old B&K 200.2 amplifier that i listen to all digital (Tidal and Apple lossless files) via Sonos into a Channel Island VDA-2 DAC and would like to consolidate space and simplify. The Peachtree Nova 220Se or the newer...
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    System #526 (Ethos)

    Matt Charlotte, NC USA ML Ethos (2016) TIDAL Sonos Channel Island VDA-2 DAC Juicy Music Peach II (tubed preamp) B&K 200.2 amplifier ML Ethos Klipsch RSW-15 subwoofer
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    Autoformers good or bad for MLs?

    I am the owner of a pair of Ethos and have been very happy with the sound. I currently use a Juicy Music Peach II preamp which uses a 6h30 type of tube and a B&K 200.2 amplifier. Overall I am very happy with the sound but am considering upgrading my amplification. I am considering the...
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    Theos or Used Vantage

    Just had a chance to listen to the Theos and was impressed. I also heard the Montis and they actually sounded worse due to the small room. I would have liked to listen to the Ethos but they did not have them. Has anyone compared the Theos to the Vantage? These would be comparable cost wise.
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    Positioning Logans in a room

    I have room that is 18 x 15 and I currently have Klipsch RF-7s about 6 feet apart across the long wall and a couch that is 12-13 feet back (about a foot away from the rear wall). I have been wanting to upgrade to Vantages or Spires for quite some time. I posted a question before on the forum...
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    Theos or vantage

    Heard theos and really like how would they compare to Vantage?
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    Vantage vs Ethos vs Spire and room size

    I have read several times that the Spire is better than the vantage because of the size of the panel and the bass performance. However it is usually stated that in a smaller room the difference is minimal. My question is what is a medium vs large room? My room is 17'x19' with 10 foot...
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    New Vantage vs used Ethos

    What are the pros and cons? Vantages are going for 4K on Amazon and Ethos can be found for roughly the same price used. Vantage uses an older panel and port vs Ethos with a newer panel and a passive radiator. The Ethos is also slightly taller and has the DSP. I have a nice sub already what...
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    Vantages on Audiogon

    Thoughts on buying Logan's used on Audiogon? I have purchased amplifiers and a DAC second hand and had a good experience but fear something as fragile as an electrostat could pose a problem. Thoughts on buying Vantages of Audiogon? I would like to spend less than 5K for new speakers which...
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    Spire/Summit off axis?

    I am curious as thoughts on how the Spires perform off axis? I know I should not buy a speaker for this criteria but I always read this as a potential negative for logans and wonder how significant it is. I currently have Klipsch RF-7s and they sound better in the sweet spot but still sound...
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    Panel crossover and vocals

    I have a general question about ML and the panel/woofer crossover. Since Vantages have a crossover point of 400 does this mean that the dynamic cone handles everything under 400? If so doesn't that mean that male vocals are split between the panel and the cone? Does this compromise the...
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    Vantage X

    Anyone know if or when this will happen?
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    Anyone speak German?

    This looks interersting, the Klipsch Palladium P-37f is compared to the new Martin Logan Spire. I am actually looking at both of these speakers and would like to read the review. I currenlty have RF-7s but have an interest in electrostats...