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    My New C18 Focus Center Speaker!

    Yes, I noticed a difference in being able to understand dialog, mostly when I use my Apple TV. I also noticed improvements in understanding lyrics on 5.1 music as well.
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    My New C18 Focus Center Speaker!

    I love my C18 and have no desire to change it out. I use mine sans stand under Isoacoustics pucks. An Sbooster linear power supply helps further improve dialog and noise floor. Enjoy!
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    IsoAcoustics GAIA II Isolators, My Take

    Oh by the way, I tried an Sbooster power supply with my Focus C18 and noted improvement in clarity of spoken dialog and a lower nose floor. Unfortunately my recently rescued feline from Hell (Bubba Subcat) knocked it off the rack and messed up the cable connector and I haven't had it repaired yet.
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    IsoAcoustics GAIA II Isolators, My Take

    I have been using Gaia's under my Summits for a couple of years now and I absolutely agree they are better than the stock spikes and better than the stillpoints I tried previously (and cheaper than the stillpoints). They improve the sound exactly as described. I was so impressed with the results...
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    I am a sucker for tweaks. I have recently found some that have materially enhanced my enjoyment of music that I would like to commend to the group. I am always trying to improve the sound of my digital sources because I am lazy and would rather do Roon from my couch than get up and turn over my...
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    Has anyone tried better power cables with BalancedForce subs?

    I use a BF 212 in a Summit based system. I am currently using a Shunyata Venom HC to good effect. There were times it seemed the BF could not keep up with the woofers in the Summits, even after I downloaded the correct software to the BF. The Shunyata seemed to tighten the bass and made the sub...
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    Iso Acoustics Gaia 2 on Summit's ??

    I use these on my Summits and they are truly worth the investment. Better soundstaging and imaging, better clarity without brightness, lower noise floor. One of the sure fire tweaks for Summits
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    OK, you are either a tweaker or you are not. I have spent way too much money on gizmos and gadgets that ultimately wind up in the junk drawer. But sometimes I get lucky and find a tweak that really works. Examples include shunyata power cords, isoacoustics Gaias, and their equipment footers, the...
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    VPI Prime Signature arrives

    What a beautiful Prime Signature! I bought my Prime a couple of years ago after having used my VPI HW-19 for nearly 30 years. My dealer in Dallas, John Fort did some mods and I added the upgrade VPI feet. Makes beautiful music with my koetsu. You will enjoy this table for decades.
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    New to me Sequel II’s

    Welcome Kgveteran! Hope you enjoy your speakers. I still remember the first time I heard Sequels-At AJ Conti's (RIP) in New Hampshire, 1987 . He was selling stuff from his house. The electronics were all Counterpoint, the source was his (then prototype) turntable and the cables were the then...
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    I have detailed my recent audiophile trials and tribulations in prior posts. This morning I finally fired up the VPI and played the Analogue Productions UHQR of Jethro Tull's Aqualung which I purchased at an obscene price from the MLOC's good buddy in Salina last september but only now got...
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    OLED TV image burn in, mine has it now

    I have noticed this on my LG OLED65E6P as well, particularly network symbols in the screen corners. Annoying, but typically not problematic when watching programming. I don't think it bothersome enough to keep me from buying another OLED since I love how it looks. Next time a 77"!
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    System #186 (Summit)

    It is probably time I update my system since I have moved since my last posting. So here goes: Name: Anthony Claxton Location: Woodway, TX Martin Logan Model: Summits BF 212 Year purchased: 2006 Summits 2021 BF 212 Mods...
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    Nice BF212 sub review

    I know I promised to speak more about the BF212 but life has happened again. No sooner than I purchased the BF 212, my ref 3 broke. Got it back and one of my summits broke! With help from Ron at ML was able install new internal power supply which fixed the problem (but not before I managed to...
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    It is probably time for me to update my system since I have moved twice! So here goes: NAME: Anthony Claxton LOCATION: Woodway, TX Martin Logan models: Summit BF 212 Year purchased: Summits 2006 BF 212 2021 Mods: Isoacoustics...
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    Expression 13A's --Music Room

    Gorgeous room and system! Before you buy REL subs listen to the ML BF 212. It mates seamlessly with my ML Summits. Also mated well with my Aeons. Can download a file to match to any ML speaker extant. It is even tonyc proof!
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    Any good media streamers coming out, or just released lately?

    I have been using an Aurender for the last couple of years and it sounds good. I recently tried Roon which I downloaded to my Mojo modded mac mini and I am hooked! I m still learning it but I actually deleted Pure Music, Audirvana. I kept J River as a backup to play music stored on my SSD for...
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    Power Supplies On ML ESL

    I use a BOTW S Booster power supply on my Fous C 18 center channel. I got improved clarity which allowed me to better understand dialogue at lower volume, a lowered noise floor and got rid of a low level hum that was present with the stock wall wart. I would spend the money again!
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    Happy birthday Tom...

    Happy birthday!