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  1. stesom

    Doctor says my upgradeitis may be in remission

    It all started a few months ago when I decided I needed a new cartridge for my record playing machine. I figured that would make me happy for awhile, but just like any addict it awoke the beast in me and the chase was on. I figured maybe I just need a new phono stage to go with my cartridge...
  2. stesom

    I decided to go with the Ayre MR-X Monos

    Listened to Mcintosh MC501 Monos, ATMA-SPHERE MA1 MKII.3s, Audio Research Ref-210 Monos and the Ayres MX-R Monos. I can say that using the meters on the Mcintosh was interesting in that they mostly drew 5 watts during my listening but on orchestral music would draw 50 and at times run toward...
  3. stesom

    Do we have any consensus on amps for Summits

    Lets say money is not an issue, do we have any consesnus on what amp makes the Summits very happy. Just curious what folks have experienced.......Steve
  4. stesom

    Anyone Using Atma Sphere amps

    I am going all tube and now comes the amp upgrade. I really like the way the atma sphere amps are built and love that they are all triode OTL class A amps. Just wondering how they will handle the impedence swings of the ML Summits or for that matter any of the ML panels. Otherwise, since the...
  5. stesom

    Pass Labs Aleph 3 seems rolled off up top

    As many have stated, the Summit does not need a lot of power. But it does need quality power, hence many have gone the tube route. My local dealer had a Pass Labs Aleph 3 laying around so I figure its sonic signature may not be far off a tube amp since it is single ended class A. I must say...
  6. stesom

    My Classe CA-400 go boom!!!!

    Well after many years of faithful service, my Classe CA-400 went silent. So sad, as I was listening to the Sheffield Drum Record at volume that would put me a few feet away from the drum kit. At first, I thought I lost one of my Summits, but after swapping amps I was happy to find out that the...
  7. stesom

    Summits in matte aluminum finish

    For anyone who is interested this is what the natural aluminum finish looks like $1000 upgrade.......Steve
  8. stesom

    System #89 (Summit)

    Greetings All, Steve Sommers Eden Prairie, MN Just taking the opportunity to display my current system. Let me know if you have any questions and/or suggestions....Thanks...Steve Speakers: Front Stereo: ML Summits Purchased 2/3/2006 Center: Audio Physic - maybe upgrade to Stage Rear...
  9. stesom

    Any thoughts about Summits on thick carpet

    Though I have not done anything yet, I am wondering what effect my very plush and thick carpet has on the downward facing woofer. I am wondering if the speaker is better off on a solid surface. When playing at higher volumes the woofer does interact with the floor itself. This creates an...